Monday, May 30, 2011

Welcome a new bully to the neighborhood - Spro's King Daddy Frog

This bad boy is not for the faint of heart, if you though the standard Bronze Eye frogs where already big and bad, they you will fear the new King Daddy. This frog is so big it is almost a novelty item. Weighing in at 1oz and around 3.5 inches long (body alone) this thing casts shadows over all the other frog baits on the market. (it is a full inch longer then the standard Spro)

I love to throw frogs, and love to add new frogs to my arsenal, so as soon as I saw this bad boy I had to have it. As usual it is a quality SPRO product, well made and great colors. The King Daddy has a 6/0 Gamakatsu hook and long legs (stands)

In the past my only knock on Spro products was how solid the body of the bait is. I felt it effected my hook-up ration, and you had to wait just that much longer when setting the hook. The King daddy does not seem to have that issue, wether it is due to the larger body or if they are using a new material I could not tell, all I know is it has a little extra give and should allow for cleaner hook-sets. Another difference is the wide back, the King Daddy has broader shoulders then the traditional Spro BronzeEye although it maintains the standard body shape, and may not walk as easy in open water.

Spro warns you that this bait is not for those who like their light tackle and I would have to agree. This beast will have the King Daddy Bass just chomping at the bit to get a piece. If you are in Pike waters you may want to watch out, I could see this frog drawing some serious attention

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