Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Looking Back: A Photo Journal of my fishing past

Yep, thats me, circa 1990, at one of my favourite (secret) bass holes. I came across this photo while flipping through one of my Dad's old photo albums a few weeks back. It made me laugh, but not quite as much as the below pic of him ( I dont know whats worse, the hat, shirt or the hair... nope it's the hair)

My parents separated early in my life, and my Dad not one to have an abundance of money spent his weekend time with us at one of a few easily accessed fishing holes. We would be up early on a Saturday morning, stop for a coffee, and a couple dozen worms and then off we would go. The day would be spent casting from shore and targeting pretty much anything that would bite.. perch, sunfish and of course bass. To this day I still point to these outings as one of the main reasons that Im "fishing crazy" to this day.

Both of the Fishing Holes pictured in the journal are drastically different today. The above photos where taken at a bass hole along an old dirt farmer road. Today that road is nearly impassable, the last time I swung by for a nostalgic look back I had to park the car and hike the mile in one foot. Time and teenagers have not been kind to this spot, but to this day I still have the urge to head down and fish

Below is an area I highlighted in one of my very early blog entries (HERE). It was an old unused train bridge and the area was loaded with fish. Today the city has taken it over and turned it into a beautiful hiking/walking/bike trail. The fishing has died-off and although I still stop in once a summer I havent caught a fish there in years.

All this flipping through photo albums has be very nostalgic, so on a seperate visit I spent some time rummaging through the garage where I happened upon some very exciting finds, that I though woudl pair well with the theme of this article

The first item that jumped out at me was my first ever tackle box. A Woodsman Canada "fisher kid" kit. I still remember it like yesterday, this tiny little box came with hooks, bobbers, snap swivels and even a rope style stringer. I used that box for years traveling back and forth to the Trout  pond just minuted from my backyard.

When moving the box to take the above picture I noticed that it was resting on another familair tackle box.. my Grandfathers. He and I had spent some time fishing together during many a summer while he ran a Boy Scout camp in Halliburton, Ontario. In my younger years he and my step father were both tasked with following me down to the pond while I fished for hours.

After finding his tackle box I then began to search for his old rod, as I knew the two would be close together. That bright green from his Johnson Century Model 100A was hard to mis. Not used in ears it was still strung up, and I half expected to see a dried up worm on the hook.

I dont have many pictures of myself fishing with my grandfather, but one I do have goes along with a great memory. The below image was taken during my first ever Salmon fishing trip. My grandfather and his friends arrange the trip but when one buddy fell sick they had an opening and invite this 15 year  old rookie along.

The weather and fish did not co-operate, and with only one hour left in our day we officially hooked our first fish. To my surprise all the men on the boat pushed me forward to fight the fish (Me, the only one who did not pay to be there) and nearly 30 minutes later, I landed my first and to this day biggest salmon at just over 28lbs. (Thats my grandfather in the White hat)

I know this was a bit wordy for a "photo journal" but I hope you enjoyed this look back into the fishing past of a certified bass junky

Friday, April 26, 2013

Numa Sunglasses Wear to Win Program 2013

First off, let me state that you will require no incentive to wear Numa Sunglasses, once  you try on your first pair you will full understand what all the hype is about. They are light weight, crystal clear and tough as nails.. But hey if you are looking for that added bonus, then check out the Wear to Win program for 2013

If you are a register angler in any of the above events and place in the top 3, you are eligible for cash and or product prizes. The list is growing, I know I will personally be fishing in 6 of the event listed above and without a doubt will have my Numa's on

Remember: if you are fishing any of these events.. register you Numa glasses so you dont miss out

to learn more about Numa and their products click HERE

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

5 Canadian Fishing Bait/Lure Companies that deserve your business

I often hear and take part in conversations with  fellow anglers who nonchalantly throw around comments like "you gotta support your local shops and dealers" and although I agree with this sentiment, I think they are missing a major part of this statement, and that is we need to look at more then  just "shopping local", we need to "Buy Local"

Whats the difference? Well shopping local is just that, it means giving your hard earned cash to the local stores that help keep your community running (and gives you a place to hang out and talk fishing) This is a good thing! . Whereas "Buying Local" is all about buying products that are made locally in Province/State or at the very least your Country.

And let me stop you here... before you start typing that email or comment in the comment section  explaining to me all the reasons you cant "buy local". I get it, there is not exactly a large number of Canadian Bait/Lure companies banging out a full range of products, but there are some, some damn good actually, and they deserve the chance to get our business (money) just as much as the big boys do's.

So to help do my part, here are 5 Canadian Companies, that deserve your business (in no particular order)

1) BassMagnet Lures

You might remember I did a small piece on Bass Magnet Lures last season (found HERE). They are an Ontario based company that has been knocking our quality baits for over 10 years now.. yes 10 years!

They have built their business and good name on quality soft plastic baits and excellent customer service. They have booths set up in a variety of sportsman shows all over  Ontario in which their ever growing pro staff and owners are on hand to show off the baits and field questions and comments from the angels using their products.

As an example of how well they listen to their customers: Last year they launched their own version of the Alabama Rig (I bought one) but over the course of the Toronto Sportsman Show and the Outdoors Show they got a ton of feedback from anglers who did not want to see this product on the market.. so what did they do? they pulled it. Yes this company spent time and money having an Alabama rig built only to stop selling it to please their fan base.. Now thats listening to your customers

The products themselves are high quality, I personally use a variety of their baits, including the Quiver Stick (a senko), their Flippin Tube,  and the Shift'r Shad a ribbed swim-bait that works well on my now rare and collectable  Bass Magnet Lure Umbrella Rig

To Check out their full line-up go to: http://www.bassmagnetlures.com

And if you like what you see, be sure to swing by their Facebook page (HERE)  and hit the "Like Button"

2) LunkerHunt

You may not have heard of LunkerHunt baits prior to this past July (2012) when they shocked a good portion of the Industry by winning the 2012 ICAST award for Best Soft Baits with their Bento Baits a absolutely killer drop shop minnow

How  many other Canadian companies can call themselves ICAST best in show winners? Hell many of the top dogs in the industry are still alluded by this honour

I didn't add LunkerHunt to this article based off their ICAST win (although it didn't hurt) I put them here more for their "Edu-Kits",  a line of baits/techniques that was developed as a teaching aid to help expand the skill sets of all levels of angler. There are over 20 varieties of Edu-Kit currently available, each one comes with all the tools needed to perform a specific techniques, along with a booklet waling you through the process and set-up.. This is a great aid for young angler or those just starting out, it takes the guessing out of what size weight or hook they should buy and it helps gain confidence in a bait they would not normally use.

  Outside of the Edu-Kits LunkerHunt has a pretty wide selection of baits, I personally use both the Revealer and 4" Double Dip Tubes along with the Spicy Bites a scent ball that you insert in the tubes (garlic). Their Lunker Sticks are a quality senko style bait with great color choices, and this year they have added a very unique hollow body frog call the Lunker Frog that I have on order and cant wait to review for the Frog Pond.

To Check out LunkerHunts website http://www.lunkerhunt.com to see their full line of baits, and locate  a dealer near you.

If you are a social media junky (like me) be sure to head over to their Facebook Page (HERE) and click like if you want to be kept up to date on products and promotions.

3) The Perfect Jig

Like with many fishing lure companies the Perfect Jig was founded by a Fisherman in search of the perfect bait, and when he couldn't find it, he just went out and made it, thus "the Perfect Jig"

With a crazy assortment of jig and colour options the Perfect Jig will have what your looking, but if they don't, thats Ok, all you have to do is ask!

thats right although they shelve multiple lines of "perfect jigs" they also know that what they find perfect is not always what you may find perfect, so they give you the option of a completely custom jig, from the skirt strands to the make and style of hook, you want it, you got it

That being said their everyday line-up includes some pretty impressive jigs... , The Arky a round headed flipping/pitching jig (3 sizes, 12 colours) a Mini or finesse Jig (3 sizes, 5 Colours), the Stand-Up Jig is their version of a football jig in which the hook acts as advertised and stands straight up (4 Sizes, 5 Colours), the SwimJig is a traditional aerodynamic jig that moves very well through the water (4 colours, 4 sizes) and finally a Mop Jig (2 sizes, 4 Colours)

These truly are a quality jig, and if you are currently buying yours elsewhere, do your self a favor and at-least check these guys out at: http://www.theperfectjig.ca

to see more reviews on the Perfect Jig from the likes of BassEast and RAHFISH you can check out  their Facebook page (HERE)

4) XZone Lures

If imitation is truly the most sincere form of flattery, then XZone should truly feel special as their Slammer baits have been knocked off by more then just one of their competitors.

XZone originally started out with one bait.. yes one.. the Slammer , a Great Lakes fish slayer this drop shop bait brought monster smallie after monster smallie to the scales all across southern Ontario. Thus the  demand increased, and so did the demand for more bait options.

So XZone obliged and introduced the Swammer, a paddle tailed bigger brother to the slammer, this bait added more beef and more kick. Now on top of a stellar drop shot bait, XZone now had a killer swimbait that still could be drop shot as well as thrown on a jig head.

Other baits began to follow, including a smaller drop shot minnow bait "The Shiver Shad" as well as the wacky leech (the only product in the line that Im not a fan of).

The current dealer list is long, and includes many of Canada's biggest fishing tackle retailers, as well as a few notable American Companies.  Like The Perfect Jig and Bass Magnet Lures, XZone staffers and owners are accessible, at shows and on the water, if you want to learn more, be sure to check out their website: http://w.xzonelures.com

This is where I would normally state "Like their Facebook Page" but since it has not been updated since November 2012, I don't think you will get much from it.. oh what the hell.. click HERE

5) Freedom Tackle Corp

Freedom Tackle Corp, may be the youngest of the the companies listed here, but their future is definitely bright. With testimonials coming in from Canadian fishing legends like Gord Pyzer (In-Fisherman Magazine) and  TV Host Charlie Wray (FishFull Thinking), the team at Freedom are really making their presence felt.

Freedom Tackle Coprs current success and name is being built on their line of patented jig heads that they are calling "live action hybrid jigs". Designed for improved motion in the water, and less spit hooks, the Hybrid Jig has a detachable hook that swings loose when attached the a jig head. The heads, hooks and skirts are interchangeable and allow the angler to adapt to the changing conditions and the bite. For those of us use to tying directly to a hook, this may take some getting use to (and some trust) as the wire that holds the hook in place also needs to hold up during battle.

I personally have not used Freedom's baits, but I have held a few in my hands and do plan to snap up their Stealth, Rogue and Zodiac jigs

As mentioned, this company is young and growing. To learn more, you can check out their website: http://www.freedomlures.com/ (lots of pics and videos) and of course "like" their Facbook page (HERE)

So that's that, 5 Canadian Bait/Lure companies doing good work in the Fishing Lure/Bait Industry. I hope you take a moment to check them out, and give some of their products a test drive.

PS: I would be remiss if I did not include an honourable mention to "The Rod Glove" although not a bait/lure company, they are one of Canada's premier fishing run companies making a huge splash in both Canada and the US. If you are not already protecting you gear with a Rod Glove you need to check 'em out, HERE is their Facebook page, give it a "like"

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Booyah Keeps things Crashing in 2013 with the Pad Crasher Jr and Poppin Pad Crasher

It has been about 2 years since Booyah came crashing into the hollow body frog scene with their "Pad Crasher" frog, a super soft yet durable frog that rivals any other currently being produced. This year, they have added two new frogs to their line-up, including the Pad Crasher Jr. and the Poppin Pad Crasher

In their first go-round in the frog market, Booyah did everything right, they designed a hollow body frog that collapses incredibly well, yet is tuff enough to take the abuse that both the angler and the fish will  throw at it. Furthermore they met the "realistic"standards set by their closest competitor (Live Target) and then proceeded to destroy them on pricing (a quality hollow body frog under $10!). I have said it before and Ill say it again, the Booyah Pad Crasher is the best dollar for dollar frog on the market today

The Pad Crasher Jr.

One of the fastest growing trends in the hollow-body frog market is what I call "froglets", these baby, Jr or mini versions of a standard hollow-body frog drive early and late season bass crazy. They offer a snack sized meal for fish looking for an easy bite. They also allow the fish to get more of the frog in its mouth, thus providing a better and higher hook-up ratio.

The Pad Crasher Jr, takes everything that was right about the original Pad Crasher and downsizes it.  It's smaller 2" frame still provides the classic frog profile, yet causes less commotion when the bite gets tough. Weighing in a 1/4 oz, the Pad Crasher Jr is half the weight of its bigger brother but will still give you the ability to cast it with ease on bait-casting or spinning gear (for the weak at heart). 

I have been using small to medium sized frogs for a few seasons now, and they have been producing extremely well for me. I have already made room in my primary frog box for the Pad Crasher Jr, as I know it will be getting a serious workout this season.

Poppin Pad Crasher

As an avid hollow body fisherman it took me some time to get into the popping hollow body craze, "I'm a traditionalist" I told myself, but what it really boils down to is that I'm stubborn and picky. (most fisherman are). What I wanted and was not able to find in most popping baits was the ability to move, walk,slide and glide like a traditional hollow-body and then make it "pop" on demand.

The first thing I noticed about the Booyah Poppin Pad Crasher  was that the mouth was slightly raised so it does not sit flush on the water. If I want to "walk it", keeping the rod tip up I should be able to move this frog with ease. Then when it's time to "pop-it", a quick rod jerk will drive the frogs mouth down into the water and give you that loud  "pop and spit" action that was promised.

 The Poppin Pad Crasher simply put is the traditional Pad Crasher with a nose job. It comes in at the same 1/2oz of weight allowing for great casting distance in most if not all conditions. Unlike the Pad Crasher Jr, that quiets things down, the Popping pad crasher was designed to liven things up, and make as much commotion as possible.. objective complete

The colour choices for the entire line of Pad Crasher is pretty impressive. I really like the addition of the two shad colours for the Poppin Pad Crasher, as nothing says says "busting shad" like a nice shiny popper.

I cant wait to get both of these new frogs on the water this season, if you want to get your hands on one early (like I did) you may want to head on over to Lurenet to check out the full collection. 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Reins Fishing: Making it rain killer soft Plastic baits

Being hidden away in the "Canadian wilderness" (the term our American friends use to describe even the largest of Canadian cities) it is not always easy to get my hands on baits from small or medium sized bait companies. Most of our retailers focus on the major brands that the majority of the weekend warriors will quickly notice and trust (meaning "purchase") and who can blame 'em. So if I want to think outside the box that often means "thinking outside the Country".. that is exactly what I did recently when I took the plunge and ordered my first assortment of baits from Reins Fishing, a Japanese import that has made its way into the US mainstream.

Reins currently has 9 unique baits, that at first glance most anglers would simply file under: Swimbait, Worm, Creature and Craw categories.. but these baits are not as common as you think, here is an inside look at 4 of them...

AX Craw:

The Ax Craw is one of the baits that drew me towards Reins, it was the first bait of theirs that I really wanted or more specifically needed to try. I have been working my way through a pretty large assortment of craw style flipping baits over the past couple season and the AX Craw caught my attention mostly due to the beefy flipping bait body yet smaller head and agile flapping claws. Most baits provide you with one or the other but not both.. 

This AX Craw will be getting some serious work in my arsenal this season in and around submerged timber, and in the odd pad section, it's large profile will ensure it is seen, and it's ribs, small arms and large claws will  make sure it is heard. Like most Reins baits, the AX Craw is salt impregnated and scented with their "shrimp" scent (similar to a Power bait scent). It is available in a 3.5 and 4 inch version, the one pictured below is the 4" as I truly believe in the "go big or go home" mentality when it comes to flipping baits

Fat RockVibe Shad

Looking the way this bait looks and with a name like "Fat RockVibe Shad" you would have to wonder if Reins ran a "name this bait" contest and a 4 year old child happened to win it.. but don't let the odd name and look fool ya, this bait is the real deal, it has all the keys I look for in a successful swim bait, all mashed into one

It's unique body shape includes a intestine shaped head/body  paired up with a ribbed tail section that is then paired up with a large paddle tail. Obviously this bait was designed to not only move well in the water but to make sure it got noticed when doing so. 

On top of the fact that this bait flat out catches fish, I have to give the team at Reins credit for creating a bait that was built to last (fish after fish). Too many of the swimbait/jerkbaits I have been using just don't hold up.. take the Berkley Havoc Grass Pig or even what I consider a Hall of Fame bait: the Reaction Innovation Skinny Dipper. Both of these baits get chewed up fast mostly due to the pressure put on head portion of the bait while fighting fish. The Fat RockVibe Shad fixes this by creating a larger denser head (and body) that is built like tank..albeit a soft bodied tank . I'm really looking forward to getting this bait on the water, I think it will not only spend some time as a soft plastic jerk/swim bait, but may also get to take a turn on my Alabama rig (yes I still mess around with that thing) and on the back of a swim jig

Ring Craw

The little brother of the AX Craw, the Ring Craw brings more to the table then just a smaller profile. This 3" bait fishes larger then it's measurements, mostly due to the additional appendages and fat round ringed claws. The body of the bait is beefy enough to hold a hook well, although I would recommend staying with a 2/0 or even 1/0 hook.

I started looking seriously at this bait after watching the success my fishing partner (Dustin) had with the Power Team 'Craw D'oeuvre". Both are compact baits, that can be flipped using spinning or casting gear, and give you a smaller profile with lots of action to drive bedding fish crazy. I know I already have mine packed for my Spring trip to Northern NY 

Bubbling Shad:

Fellow Dobyns team member Paul Mueller has been singing the  praises of the Reins Bubbling Shaker for awhile now, simply put he slays fish with it.. but, I'm not much into that style of bait (drop shotting or not) so I decided to take a portion of Paul's advice and take a serious look into another "bubbling bait", the Reins Bubbling Shad.

When it comes to shad/minnow baits I'm from the school of thought that you can do no wrong selecting a white, off-white or other white variant. But in this case I decided to give the "clear" a test drive and all I can say is that thing looks like something out of an Indiana Jones movie.. look at that baby sparkly and shine.

Unlike the Fat RockVibe shad, the Bubbling Shad has a smaller profile, and even when purchasing the larger size, I was kinda disappointed with it's overall presence. Like many of the ring worms on the market this bait gives off the (first) impression that a single hard hook set will rip it to pieces. I would say that this bait was designed with more flair but less durability, kinda like a finesse swim bait.

I'm hoping I get to be proved wrong, as this is the first Reins bait I have held that did not really blow me away, or make me think.. "yeah I could use that". It will get some time on the water this season, and maybe, just maybe, you will see me eat a little crow. 

Whenever ordering baits cross boarder, it helps to put together a selection, ordering just one of the above baits was not cost effective, so I waited until I could add a selection of their baits to my shopping cart, and I'm glad I did. If you are looking to give some Reins baits a test drive, I would recommend ordering them through Optimum Baits, not only do they have an awesome selection and fast shipping, but they also load up your order with an stellar assortment of stickers!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Recipe: BBQ Perogies

It has been a while since I posted a recipe, and with BBQ season ramping up I though what better time to share my first attempt at BBQ'd Perogy, Peirogi, or Perogies.. however you say it, they are delicious


Perogies  - 4 per person

Olive Oil - 4 tbsp

BBQ Dry Rub - 2 tbsp (or till coated)

BBQ Sauce - 4 tbsp (used more as a glaze then sauce)

Cook Time: 5-10 minutes in boiling water, 5-10 minutes on the grill

I will get two fussy things out of the way first. Depending on how much time you have, making home made perogies is by far the superior method, but for those of us who are time constrained store bought versions are pretty good now-a-days.

To Boil or not to boil: When I decide to take the plunge and BBQ my perogies I did some basic "google research" and what I found was that there was split reviews on whether to pre-boil or place your perogies on the BBQ frozen. Personally using my knowledge and experience of cooking on the BBQ I deciding that pre-boiling the perogies was the best bet, if you plan to do a frozen version stop reading now...

Step#1:  Boil'em

Bring a pot of water to a rolling boil. Then add a tbsp or 2 to the water, this helps keep the perogies separate in the pot (as then tend to get sticky when they soften). I use a rolling boil to help keep the perogies off the bottom of the pot, you can turn it down but be sure to stir often.

There is no dedicated time frame for this, just wait for the perogies to float

Step #2: Toss'em

Grab your trusty mixing boil and add 2tbs of Olive Oil (or melted butter) and toss the perogies getting them nice and coated. Once oiled up, start to dust them with the BBQ rub of your choice, I like something with a smoky paprika/brown sugar base. Once coated they will start to dry up a bit and not be as "tacky" to the touch.

Step#3: Fire Up the Grill

I have read the various ways that people like to place their perogies on the grill, some steam them in a pouch, or use a BBQ wok, me, i throw them right on the grill and use a mix of direct and in-direct heat.

Start by getting the BBQ hot, and by hot I mean between 400-450 degrees. Once at temperature you need to grease the grill, perogies will stick, so either spray or oil it up.

Place the perogies on the grill (single layer, not stacked) and shut the lid for 2 minutes, give them a check , to see if you get those nice grill marks, if yes, give'em a flip and do the same on side 2. Once both sides are marked/charred turn off lower the temp and give them a few more minutes to cook.

Step 4: Glaze'em

I don't think perogies need a heavy hand with the sauce, so I opted to do more of a glaze. Using a small brush I gave each side a quick wash, then flipped them to let the heat caramelize the sauce a bit.

If you want to sauce them instead of glazing them, who am I to stop ya' go nuts. I also think a a good addition in the future would be to toss them with butter and hot sauce instead of oil

Step 5: Enjoy'em!

BBQ'd  perogies make  a great side dish for a variety of BBQ'd meats, including port chops and or sausages. Don't hesitate to be adventurous, try various spices, and or make your own flavoured sour cream for dipping (blue cheese dip is an awesome partner for these)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dustin's Corner: The Rod Recap

Well its that time of year again where everything is being looked at and broken down to make sure the 2013 season will go without a flaw!(fingers crossed).  In my last post I reviewed some basic rod cleaning, and this time I am going over my entire rod arsenal, and the great support I get being part of the Dobyn's Team!

I joined the Dobyn's Pro Staff team in 2011 and do not regret one minute of it.  We are all like one big family, and all have one thing in common (we love to catch fish..primarily bass).  So since 2011 I have started my little collection of Dobyn's Rods which includes all the different levels, from the Savvy Series to the Champion Extreme and all of them have upheld to very hard conditions.  The only issue I have ever come across was breaking one tip off (due to mainly to user error) And thats how I learned to  put all the rods in The Rod Gloves even though they go into a rod locker.

This is my collection of Dobyn's so far, 12 rods strong, and more to come this year!

Casting:Champion Extreme 743C, 
Coalition 735C & 734C,
Champion Series 765CB,735C,733C,703C,
Savvy Series 733C.

Coalition Series 704SF, 703SF
Savvy Series 703SF, 693SF.

I can honestly say that all of these rods have been put through rigorous testing,abuse,weather elements, just about anything thrown at them, and they all hold STRONG!

This year I will be adding 2 more rods to the collection which will include a new 702SF(spinning) and a new 763C(casting).

When Gary builds a rod, he sure does know what he is doing from the quality and durability to the finish of the rods, they are far superior than anything else I have used!

So if you are interested in a rod, don't hesitate to ask myself or Rob any questions, and if we don't have a answer for you, we will work as hard as we can to get one for you as we are part of the Dobyn's family. To learn more check out the all  new website at www.dobynsrods.com for the full selection of these weapons!

Also keep an eye for theNew Roads Fishing Team Truck as it has the Dobyn's logo's all around it.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

New Dobyns Rods Website.. Now Live!

I know you must have see this by now.. but in case you have been under a rock (or stopped reading my articles) then you already know and hopefully have seen the all new Dobyns Rods website..


Gary and the team at Dobyns rods have really stepped it up, this site is a thing of beauty, and really shows off their passion for the sport and all that it entails. So whether you are actually in the market for a new rod or just have some time to kill by watching all the videos posted by Gary, Richard and other members of the Dobyns rod pro staff team, this is a site worth checking out..

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Bass Geek - Part 1: Knot Tying Practise

This could just as easily been Part 4 in my "How to keep busy in the off season series" as it is a sure fire way to cut through cabin fever. But instead I'm starting a new single cell comic style post called "The Bass Geek" series. This will include a list of idiosyncrasy's that ring true to all us Bass Geeks out there...the things that bring out out inner Bass Geek. I will do my best to avoid the often plagiarized Jeff Foxworthy and his " you know your a Bass Geek when" but I'm not making any promises.

noun - slang

1. An expert or enthusiast (a term of pride)
2. A person who is pre-occupied or knowledgeable about Bass Fishing
3.  A person prone to spending a Saturday afternoon practising their knot tying ability (not be be confused with a Boy Scout)

How to become a Bass Geek Part 1:

During your down time (down time is defined as "non-fishing time" please feel free to practise at work or in bed) spend a few hours practising knots that you have yet to master. This can be easily achieved by following these 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Select a reference guide, there are many websites, magazine articles and phone apps that will walk you though the step by step of all fishing related knots, pick one that works best for you and keep it handy (a start and stop video version is what I find the most helpful)

Step 2: Grab a few half empty or filler spools of line (if you don't have any laying around, then you really have no chance of being a Bass Geek so stop now). It is very important that you practise with the line you will be actually using on the water to tie the knot in question, there is no sense practising with braid if you will be fishing with mono

Step 3: Choose 6 to 10 Hooks to practise on. Like with the line it is important to practise on the style of hook you will actually be using. If you are practising a "Snell knot" for punching yet are using an octopus hook then you will have issues on the water getting the perfect knot

Step 4: Practise.. this means tying knot after knot until you can achieve it 5 times or more without the use of the video aid.

Tip: In order to get the hang of a knot you will need more then one practise session, especially if that session is in March and you don't use the knot on the water until June, so make time to practise your knots monthly or atleast close to a trip, and hopefully without the aid of the video or app.

There you have it, part 1 of how to become a Bass Geek. You are now well on your way to pocket protectors (for hooks of course) and tape between the lenses of your polarized glasses (Numa's of course)

Stay tuned for Part 2.. turning your backyard deck into a dock!