Monday, May 9, 2011

BASS TALK Seminar - Peterborough On


This past Sunday I attendied my first ever BassTalk seminar, and was lucky enough to attend one held in the OFAH Ampitheatre in Peterborough On. This venue is the perfect host for a day long fishing seminar, with comfortable seating, a giant screen and a wall of replica mounts (all done by Advanced Taxidermy) of Ontario record weight fish. This place is an anglers dream.

The event it self was very well run by anglers David Chong and Doug Brownridge, it was very informative and worth every penny of the admission price.

The day was started off by WFN TV Host and Bass Master Classic MC Dave Mercer. Mercer spent this time giving insight into the mind set and attitude of the anglers in the Bass master events. His seminar although not technique specific was well received by the group and provided a great insight in what it takes for a Canadian Angler to compete in the ultra competitive US Market. I think Mercer really set the tone for whole event, that tone being that we as anglers need to work together to share knowledge and help grow the sport.

David Chong was the second speaker, his topic was Tubular Magic a very informative discussion on different tube techniques and products available on the market. I found Chongs presentation the most informative of the bunch and scrolled down pages of notes of tips and techniques that never crossed my mind. he was very open sharing the brands and styles of tubes and hooks he uses. He presented some alternative methods for traditional tube used that I know I will be breaking out this summer.

Joey Muszynski was up third, for those who dont know Joey, he and his partner shattered the Canadian tournament weight record just last season when the weighed in just over 31lb's in the 2010 Simcoe Open. Joey held a very informative discussion around pre-fishing to win. He thoroughly covered off many tips an techniques that make him a successful tournament angler. He discussed off and on water tactics to help with your prefishing as well as covered off prefishing by species and by season. It was great to see this young and upcoming angler share how he has been successful

Doug Brownridge took the place of Jarrod Dean who was called away on business. The topic of course was Jig fishing. This was a topic I was excited to learn from Jarrod and angler who was know as a premier Jig fisherman, but in his place I was happy with another successful jig fisherman in Brownridge. He covered off the basic tips an techniques of jig fishing and really touched on how many anglers are over thinking the technique. Doug uses two jigs, two colors, tow color trailers both in the same style chunk. He really makes it simple, and is successful at it. he discussed skirt options as well as rods and line options. He really stressed the fact that you need to be very conformable with the jig you use and know how it feels and know how each bite feels.

Josh Myers, was an angler I had not heard much about prior to this seminar, but as a professional angler for the past 8 years Josh has brought in over 130,000 in winnings. Josh spent time discussing small mouth fishing, but also discussed breaking down a large lake to help find fish. He had some great high tech approaches that he shared, along with the websites he uses for mapping and weigh points. As was mentioned in the days seminars.. weigh points are free... so use them.

Last speaker of the day was another WFN anger, JP DeRose, JP discussed fishing in heavy cover, another topic near and dear to my heart. He brought along video footage from his show (including outtakes) and discussed in detail tips and tackle needed to get fish out of that heavy cover. It was a great upbeat seminar to end the day.

With a 50/50 draw, and early bird giveaway, a silent auction and both breakfast (Timmies a true Canadian breakfast) and lunch, this seminar was very well run. With great anglers joining forces with great sponsors (Shimano, Yamaha, Power Pro and so on) these events should be on your "to-do" list every spring. I walked out an improved angler and will be getting on board for a few more event next season

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