Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Product Review: CC Rod Sock

As an amateur angler gearing up for my first series of tournaments this summer, i have started to buy products not used as much by your typical weekend angler, but probably should be. Rod socks, gloves or sleeves are a great way to keep your rods protected and tangle free when out on the water. I recently placed an order for some rod socks from a new up and company called CC Rod Sock
When I started to do some research on rod socks, slicks, gloves and sleeves. I knew I needed some, but was not sure what I wanted and how much I was willing to spend. There is a wide variety of products available and all of them essentially do the same thing, but the price varies from $5-$10 per sock.

So when my research was said and done, I chose to go with CC Rod Socks. Two key factors in my decision were.. (1) The owner is an Ontario Angler, and I love to support my fellow fisherman, and (2) the price was right, At $6 a sleeve it was cheaper then the ROD GLOVE which is readily available in my area for $9 a glove.

Here is a review of my Experience....Placing an Order: Quick and easy, the website is laid out well and it was easy to find what I needed and place my order. For me, when ordering online the option to use PayPal is almost a must so I was glad to see it was available. The checkout process quick and I received updates then the order was placed, received and shipped.

Website: Selection: With 4 color options (Black, Red, Yellow and Blue) there is enough selection without going overboard. There are two sock sizes available either 6ft-7ft or 7ft-8th lengths. There is also both a Spinning rod sock and a baitcaster sock. This is important as the large bottom eye on the spinning rod needs to be covered. I found that some companies that only provide one size sock/glove/slick make them to tight and you have to take more time to pull them down over the eye.

Product Quality: As mentioned before, rod socks are a pretty standard product and the quality from one to the next is fairly similar, that being said the CC rod socks are a quality product, each is made to order and have they two key features that are important to any quality rod sock, sleeve, glove or slick.

(1) The tips are tapered and are dipped in rubber. This gives you great tip protection and unlike other that have the tips wrapped, this dipped rubber will never come un-tied. Some socks on the market have flat or square tips, I never understood this. A tapered tip ensure the rod tip fits snug (no sliding arounf and is protected

The base of each sock has been rolled up and in for an easy on and off. This is pretty standard for this style product, as it keeps the ends in tact and helps prevent fraying. I have had a sleeve in the past that started to come apart at the base. It made it very hard to get the rod in and out of the sleeve

Pricing & Shipping: As mentioned above the price was one of the reasons I purchased the CC Rod Sock. Coming in at $6 per baitcasting sock and $7 per Spinning sock, my order of 7 socks saved me $20 over the same order with a competitive brand.

Standard shipping rates are provided for Canadian Orders. At just under $10 I can confirm they are not gauging on the shipping. The price from Canada Post on my shipment was just under $9 and that does not include the owners time or shipping material

Customer Service: I would rate the customer service a A, communication was great, i knew where my package was at all times and it was produced and shipped quickly. Any and all questions were answered within 24hrs.

Issues/Concerns: I had no issues or concerns with my order. I will mention that there is no real product packaging available for these sleeves, they were well protected by a plastic case and boxed well for shipping, but there is not "professional" packaging. Hey, for $20 in savings I can over look the lack of packaging

Recommended: Yes

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