Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pet Peeve: Music on the Water and Anglers who Love it

I have always considered myself a bit of an audiophile, I love and appreciate music in all forms (well almost all forms). But one pet peeve I have has to do with music on the water.

I bet you think Im about to delve into a diatribe about those annoying people who blast their music while cruising the lake, and it would have been a good guess, because I dont know any angler who likes those guys, but my pet peeve is the guy cruising the lake with is ipod or mp3 plugged into his ears and ignoring all the sounds of the lake and fishing in general.

Obviously this is getting more and more prevalent, and although they are not bothering their fellow fisherman, like the music blasters, they are endangering themselves and others, by tuning out any warnings that could be heard on the lake. Similar to driving a car, wearing ear buds should not be aloud, it distracts the boater of whats going on on the water and put him/her in his own little world.

The Safety issue is only one small part of the issue I have with anglers wearing ear buds. Fishing is a sport of senses, sight, sound, touch, all play a key roll in finding and catching fish. Sound should not be discounted in the process as it is just as important as sight and touch. It helps key the angler in to what is happening in the water around him while still keeping focus on the bait. Audio distraction has made me miss more then one bite while fishing, so closing your ears off entirely to the sounds of the lake is making you deaf to what the water, fish and other sounds are telling you.

Last of all, it is annoying to be a co-angler or partner with a guy who is tuned out to you and the fish, and is in his own little word. Fishing is about communication, what you are seeing, whats working, whats not working, if you cannot easily communicate with your partner you are going to miss fish, and missing fish could mean the difference between a 1st place finish and a 10th place finish

Leave the tunes at home, focus on fishing

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