Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Frog Review V1: Hollow Bodies

If you’re like me and love to fish frogs, then you already know that when it comes to frog fishing there is really three main frogs styles available on the market today, the hollow body, the hard body and the soft body. Each of these can be considered a totally different technique, but without argument each method would be considered by most as one of the most exciting and heart pounding ways to catch bass.

Today I’m going to spend some time breaking down my frog arsenal staring with Hollow bodies (my favourite method). I want to share some pros and cons of the frogs I have fished, and I would love to hear any feedback on what frogs work well for you.

Here is my hollow body arsenal..

let's break them down..

1) Scum Frogs

Pros: The Scum frog is one of the lowest priced frogs on the market today, but it my mind it is also one of the most effective. It has a super light weight body that allows for easy hook sets as bass seem to hold on them much longer than most other frogs. Scum frogs as available in a large variety of colours and styles. They offer a popper and a dog walker model as well as small version. Scum Frogs are also easily altered; you can add and remove rattles or weights to help alter the presentation. Personally, i think they are perfect just the way they are.

Cons: Some of the features that make Scum Frogs great may also be considered their down fall. The light weight body can make them hard to throw in windy conditions and at times can the flung into the air by a fish on a violent blow-up. The body also needs to be adjust after most hook sets and this means more time out of the water.

Here are some of the other Scum Frog body types...

Popper & Dog Walker

Tiny toad

2) Spro BronzeEye Frog

Pros: these frogs have been on the market for a few seasons now and until the introduction of live target frogs this season would easily be considered the top dog (or frog) when it came to hollow bodies. The life like colourful paintjob really stands out in a market that for the most part was filled with solid coloured baits. The weight system makes these cast like a dream and sit firm on the slops mats. These frogs will withstand the most violent of blow-ups

Cons: If we are talking price, then I think it could be considered a con, and over $10 a frog this is a pricey item to add to your arsenal. I also find the bodies to be too firm, Im not able to set as many hook-ups as I do with other softer body baits.

3) Snagg Proof – Bobby’s Perfect Frog

Pros: The EWG gamakatsu hooks is a good place to start, this is one the differences in the Bobby’s Pro vs the standard snag proof frog. The other big perk is that this frog was designed to be walked. It sits differently in the water and the legs are placed to give it that perfect dog walking motion. This frog fishes well in the sop but better in open water surrounding the slop or pads. The Bobby’s perfect would beconsidered a middle weight, not as heavy as a spro frog but it has more weight then the scum frogs

Cons: Like the scum frog a pro can sometimes be considered a flaw. I have had hook set issues with this frog, I believe he way the legs are set can affect how long this frog is being held by the fish. It may also just be a confidence thing

4) Mann’s Super frog

Pros: The Mann’s frog moves well in the water, it is easy to cast, and the wide body sits well on the pads and slop. It is rare that it will flip, and it is easy to pull through all types of vegetation. This frog is priced well at under $5 and is considered a premium frog

Cons: This is a wide frog, it makes walking the dog harder than on most hollow bodies, and of all the frogs I use this has my lowest hook-up ratio, Personally I believe this is due to the wide body. The wide thinner profile body gives the fish less to chomp down on and I don’t think the hooks are easily exposed.

5) Live Target (Koppers)

This frog is to new on the market for me to be able to review, I have not yet had it on the water, but I have purchased one in each size and I can say that like all live target lured this look is outstanding. The realistic colors and features are second to none . The frog has a nice weight, but a much softer body then the Spro (it’s closest competition). It sits great in the water and can be easily walked. This frog will catch me some fish this season.

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