Sunday, May 29, 2011

The KVD Shark Tooth

Each season there are a few new products that hit the market that help make your life easier when on the water. One of the Biggest names in the world of fishing “KVD” has done just that, by creating the “Shark Tooth”.

The Shark Tooth is a modified rubber/fabric band that slides over almost any line spool. Once on it acts as a restraint as well as a line cutter.

It is easy to set up and saves you time and hassle when on the water. Once placed on a spool, Mono, floro or braid can easily be threaded through a hole on the back end of the shark tooth, you can then pull the line forward or slide the tooth backwards to spool out the perfect leader length. Once you have the desired length run the line across the shark tooth to cut the leader without fraying. It is that simple and that fast.

The Shark tooth fills two voids in your fishing box, first it keeps your line spooled and manageable when you need to change leaders while on the water, and it quickly cuts the new leader without damaging the line. It seems so simple, and it is, yet it took the likes of KVD to put this tool in our hands. Check them out,

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