Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Evolution of Fishing on TV

As a kid growing up in Canada, saturday morning did not represent "saturday morning cartoons" but instead it meant "saturday morning fishing shows". I had to be the first one to the remote each saturday to ensure I could gain control of the TV set and make it through at least 2 of the shows that were on saturday mornings, shows like Real Fishing with Bob Izumi, Canadian Sport fishing (with Italo and Henry pre scandal) andFish'n Canada, with the Viola Brothers and Pete bowman. These shows offered the perfect mix of fish catching and entertainment, something that both my dad and I could enjoy and my sister could hate

As I got older and became more and more interested in the sport of fishing, i was no longer as interested in shows that were based solely on entertainment (even though they did provide some knowledge early fishing shows were as much about the host as the fishing), I wanted some more meat to a fishing show. So when WFN entered my life I was super excited. I was now able to expand my TV watching and knowledge past my childhood idols and start to listen to professional anglers talk about current tactics on bodies of water in conditions I too would some day be faced with. Shows like
Classic Patterns (my personal favorite), Linders Fishing edge, Gettin School'd, Lost Lakeand so on.

This new caliber of fishing show will help expand the sport for anglers who are looking for more in depth knowledge and expertise. Shows like Classic Patterns have really helped me to gain confidence in baits that have been locked away in my tackle bag for years. On this new fishing show the anglers knowledge is more important then his sense of humor or his celebrity guest. These shows are what WFN is all about, growing fishing as a sport, and growing the anglers that are watching.

I want to finish this up by stating that I have no problems with shows like
Real Fishing, Fish'n Canada, Fish TV, Facts of Fishing the Show, Kent Herbeck outdoors and so on, these are all important shows in the WFN line-up and are all shows I watch on a weekly basis, they provide me and thousands of others with the saturday morning fishing fix, and give me a chuckle while doing so. Both entertainment and knowledge is key in a fishing program, and I have very happy with the way Fishing programs have gown over the years, and want to thank WFN for making sure I can see them all.

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