Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Company Review: Power team Lures

You can look in many places on the web to find a review of Power Team Lures products, their line of craw baits is sure to keep people talking and catching fish all season long. But in all my searching I have yet to see a review of Power Team Lures in general.

I have personally placed a few orders with Power Team and thought I would give you guys a run down of my experience so far.

Placing an Order: The power team lures website will not blow you off your feet, but it does include everything you need to gain knowledge of their products and place an order. Products are quick and easy to find, and prices are clear. The site provides videos so you can see the various baits move in the water, and as a nice bonus they offer kits, that provide a mix of various plastic products along with clothing and scent. The kit prices are great and are a cheap way to try an assortment of baits and gets a new customer wearing the Power Team Lures logo.

check out their website at

Like most Companies today Power Team also utilizes a Facebook page. They are fairly active and respond to questions, concerns or even photos you postPowerteam on Facebook
Product Selection: Powerteam currently offers 6 different styles of product. They include, Scent, Craws, Grubs,Lizards, Worms and Tubes. They offered a variety of different styles of each of these baits, but I would have to say the most aggressive line-up is the craw line. They have some of the most unique baits I have come across to date, and some awesome color selection.

If your like me and love stickers, decals and fishing branded clothing, Power Team offers a few decal options, a T-shirt and a Hoodie.

Product Quality: I have not yet had the chance to use this product on the water, but I have ordered a variety of baits, I have held most of their products in my hand to get a feel for durability. The product looks and feels durable and I would recommend not opening the package in a confined space as the scent is potent..

Product are well packed and sealed. Unlike other pastics you wont be able to open these on the show room floor, the packs are sealed tight and the baits are kept fresh
Pricing and Shipping: The baits start at about $4.50 for some of the smaller one and up to just under $7 for the larger craw baits. They come packaged in 6, 8 or 10 counts depending on the bait you are choosing. This makes some baits come in at just over $1 per piece. Shipping was very reasonable and as a Canadian customer I was happy to report no duty and brokerage surprises when I picked up my order. The order was shipped quickly and I received emails at time of order and at time of shipment

Customer Service: I would rate the customer service at an A, they were friendly and responded to my questions promptly and with straight forward answers. There was a shipping error on my order, I ordered a L shirt but received an XL. I emailed them to see how I could have this issue corrected and received a quick response. I was shipped the correct shirt that same day and was told to keep the XL,. That's good service.

Issues/Concerns: See above, one small shipping error that was addressed without issue. Very happy with the outcome.Recommended: Yes, and to be honest I have already placed a second order and have been watching their site for when the new baits will be added so i can place order #3

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