Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Photo Journal - Fall is in the air

One of the best perks to fishing in the fall (other then the bite) is the amazing scenery, so why not take a moment to enjoy the view...  

I always enjoy the mix of "on fire" scenery and the coudy weather moving in. This fall was one of the windiest ones in recent years making it hard to get on the water in small vessels 

the jig bite is on!

there are fish in these here pads.. time to break out the frogs

these colours did not last long.. two days later this scene looked more like March weather then October

I have heard of "matching the hatch" but what about "matching the scenery?

Fall for me also means fly fishing for panfish, here is one of my first white bass

Friday, October 25, 2013

RadioWorld Presents: Dave Genz Ice Fishing Seminar

One way I always kick off ice season is by taking in the now famous RadioWorld ice fishing seminar. This seminar usualy consists of a full day of ice fishing talk from some of Canada's best ice anglers, but this year they really stepped it up a notch and are presenting us with the master Dave Genz

If you are anywhere near the greater Toronto area and love the sport of ice fishing, this seminar is a must.. if you are interested I have provided everything you need to know to get your hands on a ticket.. act fast as there are limited seats available

Sunday, October 20, 2013

National a new way of thinking and learning!

Have you ever heard of ( NPS for short). If not and you are an angler actively trying to improve your skills and knowledge or looking to break into the sponsorship side of the sport, then this is a website you really need to check out.

NPS has been on the scene is late 2011, and has been growing and expanding ever since. The goal or mission of NPS is to help bridge the gap between the general angler and professionally sponsored anglers. Their site allows anglers to build a resume, post photos, reports and follow their favourite anglers as they do the same.

There are many sides to NPS, and for those just starting out it is a great learning tool  that can be used free of charge to follow your favourite anglers or companies as they provide fishing tips and reports. For the more advanced angler looking to get noticed or apply to various teams, there is a paid version of the site that will help you along the way.. check out the below links to learn more about the various options that NPS provides...

Click Here for info on the Free General Membership

Click Here for  info on Amateur Pro bennefits and upgrading your account

Click Here to learn more about getting sponsorships and applyig for teams using NPS

With the backing of companies like: Dobyns, The Rod Glove, Shimano, Abu Garcia, Humminbrid, Berkley, Power Pro, Jackall, Navionics, Numa, SPRO and many more, this is a website worth checking out.. there is no better way to get noticed

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Guest Blog: Austin Kayak - Outfitting your Kayak for the perfect fishing trip

To learn more check out Austin Kayaks or Kayak fishing in general, check out their website @ or their Facebook page

Note: This is officially the first Guest Blog to hit the pages of BassJunkies Fishing Addiction. When I was contacted by Austin Kayaks  I did my home work and the team at Austin were given nothing but rave reviews from friends and fellow anglers that spend their time fishing from a Kayak. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Left Behind: How to lose a rod/reel

Is there a worse feeling  then reaching for a rod only to realize that it's gone? Thats the horror I went through yesterday as I grabbed for my Dobyns 735c/Daiwa Tatula combo... only to find an empty rod glove in it's place.. NOOOOOOO!

Panic ensued as I quickly realized that I must have left the rod behind during a fishing trip the day previous. I frantically scoured the shoreline, grass, bushes and even the trees but to no avail, they where gone.

What this means: Christmas has come early for one local angler, as that is one sweet combo they have lucked upon. All I can hope is that in my own stupidity, I have at least gotten this rod and reel into the hands of a future Dobyns and Daiwa customer.. because like Lays potato chips, once you try 'em you cant stop at just one

On the off chance, this lucky person is reading this article and has a conscious, please get in touch with me, and if not, enjoy the combo and the Snag Proof Ish Phattie as well (great frog)

Damn, I feel dumb

Friday, October 4, 2013

Year of the Jig: Alternative Trailer Options

As anglers we often talk about the right size or colour, but believe me when I say there are times when neither of these matter, and what the fish really wants is simply somthing different!  And there is no other bait that is easier to tweak then a jig.. simply switching up your trailer can and will offer the fish somthing new, so here are 4 alternatives to the standard jig trailer...

Flipping baits like the Gambler Lures Ugly Otter make great jig trailers. With ribbed bodies and wide flat tails these baits add some serious bulk and water movement to your jig. In times in which you want to slow down your presentation but still make your presence felt, these are a great alternative to a standard claw or chunk. Depending on the size of your jig you may need to trim or bite off a bit of the bait, but the smaller otters fit nearly perfect 

Ribbon tails are not exactly a novel idea and have been used for years by some anglers but I do think they are overlooked by the masses who don't realize how productive they can be on the end of a jig.

What I really like about using a ribbon tail as a trailer is that it gives your jig the look of a faster fall, without really adding much speed. Below Im using a Berkley Havoc Juice Worm, I really like the thicker longer ribbon that Berkley uses on this worm, though it can be a bit long for a trailer. 

Ribbon tails work best on swim jigs, but they do improve the "hop" of your flipping or football jig. 

Pictured below is an El Grande Lures Jr. Gila Monster that I rescued from my dead bait pile. We all have a dead bait piles, that are  filled with baits that have been ripped or torn up by fish. This Gila had head damage but the tail was still in perfect condition, so I ripped the body in half (just in front of the back legs) and slid it on my jig. This really gives the jig a larger.. or longer profile and the Gila tail imparts great action. 

I like a combo like this around timber, it still has a nice slow fall, but the heavily salted tail floats upward on the pause giving the fish a nice target. 

My favourite and most productive alt-trialer is the Power Team Lures Hammer Shad The 3.5" version is great for smaller jigs like the Ganns Performance 1/4 dragging jig (the jig used throughout this article). It has the perfect whip tail that gives the jig extra motion but still that slow fall and compact look.

A reader recommended I give the Power Team Lures Swinging Hammer a try, so I have since placed an order for some.. results to follow

If you noticed all of the above alt-trailers were fished on the exact same jig. The reason I did this was to show you how easy it was to switch baits, without really switching baits. As stated above this quick and simple change will often improve your bite. So forget about colour, forget about size, and try somthing new!

FYI: Of the above 4, the Power Team lures Hammer shad was the most success during my last few outings.