Monday, May 9, 2011

Spring Prep Guide: Get your gear ready

I think every one gets ready for the open water season a little different from the next guy. My spring prep usually follows the morning period to hits me after my last ice fishing trip of the season.

The only way to combat the grief you feel as the ice melts, is to start getting ready for open water, and the season of your choice, for me the first season to open is Crappie, then Trout, Walleye, Pike and finally my beloved Bass.

Step 1 - My prep guide kicks into high gear when I start to see all the new lures and tackle hit the shelves. Im an early season buyer, I try to beat the rush and get me hands on the seasons new tackle. Not only does this ensure I get the color choices and sizes Im looking for, but Im also not left out in the cold waiting for stock to arrive during the actual fishing season.

Step 2- When the first order arrives, it signals me that it is now time to re-organize the plano boxes. If your like me, by the end of the season my once organized arsenal is now a mess, with terminal tackle in most boxes, cranks mixed with top water baits and so on and so on.

I start routing through each box and pulling out anything that does not belong. Baits that I have lost confidence in or shake my head about are pulled from their boxes and added to the collection of dead baits to be reviewed in the future. When I'm done hopefully all the boxes look like this...

Step 3 - Once the boxes are all in great shape, I begin working on the actual shelf I store then in. Like the boxes it gets disorganized over the season and fills up with junk that I quickly remove from my tackle bags in between trips. I organize the boxes in order of importance to me, so ones that will also be in my tackle bag in each trip go in the first slot and I work my way back to the dead bait boxes. I also store line, scents and other accessories on this shelve so I take some extra time to discard empty containers and re-organize the pile. This is also a great time to take a look at your rain gear and wadders. I clean them, check for any damage and hang them up so they are ready to go.

Step 4 - On to the rods and reels. I check the line on all my reels, and replace any that is at the end of it's life span. This season I changed more then usually as I loaded up on the new Suffix 832 line. Once the line has been changed out, I placed the reel back on the rod.

Rods are checked up and down for any damage, and then given a good test run in the back yard. Each nigh while BBQ'ing dinner I bring a baitcaster up with me and do some test casts and flips in the back yard. Make sure the new line is running smooth and that there is no issues with the reel or rod.

Thats it, as a non boat owner, this is my quick 4 step prep guide as we get ready for the season. These steps are some times repeated while awaiting the season but in short that is all i need to do.

Quick Tip: Keep your Reel Boxes

Reels boxes are great for storing reels, imagine that. So dont discard them once you remove the reel, put them a side and use them to store your gear in the off season or while transporting them. That is their main use in life

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