Monday, May 30, 2011

Welcome a new bully to the neighborhood - Spro's King Daddy Frog

This bad boy is not for the faint of heart, if you though the standard Bronze Eye frogs where already big and bad, they you will fear the new King Daddy. This frog is so big it is almost a novelty item. Weighing in at 1oz and around 3.5 inches long (body alone) this thing casts shadows over all the other frog baits on the market. (it is a full inch longer then the standard Spro)

I love to throw frogs, and love to add new frogs to my arsenal, so as soon as I saw this bad boy I had to have it. As usual it is a quality SPRO product, well made and great colors. The King Daddy has a 6/0 Gamakatsu hook and long legs (stands)

In the past my only knock on Spro products was how solid the body of the bait is. I felt it effected my hook-up ration, and you had to wait just that much longer when setting the hook. The King daddy does not seem to have that issue, wether it is due to the larger body or if they are using a new material I could not tell, all I know is it has a little extra give and should allow for cleaner hook-sets. Another difference is the wide back, the King Daddy has broader shoulders then the traditional Spro BronzeEye although it maintains the standard body shape, and may not walk as easy in open water.

Spro warns you that this bait is not for those who like their light tackle and I would have to agree. This beast will have the King Daddy Bass just chomping at the bit to get a piece. If you are in Pike waters you may want to watch out, I could see this frog drawing some serious attention

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The KVD Shark Tooth

Each season there are a few new products that hit the market that help make your life easier when on the water. One of the Biggest names in the world of fishing “KVD” has done just that, by creating the “Shark Tooth”.

The Shark Tooth is a modified rubber/fabric band that slides over almost any line spool. Once on it acts as a restraint as well as a line cutter.

It is easy to set up and saves you time and hassle when on the water. Once placed on a spool, Mono, floro or braid can easily be threaded through a hole on the back end of the shark tooth, you can then pull the line forward or slide the tooth backwards to spool out the perfect leader length. Once you have the desired length run the line across the shark tooth to cut the leader without fraying. It is that simple and that fast.

The Shark tooth fills two voids in your fishing box, first it keeps your line spooled and manageable when you need to change leaders while on the water, and it quickly cuts the new leader without damaging the line. It seems so simple, and it is, yet it took the likes of KVD to put this tool in our hands. Check them out,

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fighting the Elements: Gloves

As a weekend warrior fisherman I have the choice to look out my window each morning and decide whether or not I will venture out onto the lake. High winds or heavy rain may keep me at home. But if you are a tournament angler you don’t really have that choice to stay home. You are expected to brave the elements and put in your 8 hours on the water, hopefully coming home with a check for your efforts.

Two things get cold quick on the water.. your feet an d your hands. Today I’m going to give you some options on how to keep you hands warm while on the water.

Lets face it, your hands are important part of fishing, not only are you holding a rod all day, and cranking the reel, but it is also important to be able to use your hands to feel the subtle taps that represent a fish bite, or changes to structure or bottom type. You want a product that will keep the elements off your hands but still allow you to feel those subtle taps and changes. You also need the ability to use your fingertips. Currently there are no gloves designed for fishing that give you all these options… here are some that will

Option #1: Golf Gloves

In a recent episode of Classic Patters Alton Jones can been seen fishing in a heavy rain suit and with a snow covered boat. On his hands.. A pair of Foot Joy golf gloves! These gloves are designed to allow hand and finger movement while protecting the hand. They are line or provide any additional warmth, but when used as a windbreak they will help y our hands stay warm while out in the elements. They also provide some water resistance. They will not keep you dry all day, but will repel light rain and keep you hands dry.

Option #2: Running GlovesRunning gloves

a nice light weight glove that provide additional hand warm to runners, so why not fisherman? Most running gloves are a light weight material designed to fit tight to the hands and allow dexterity. Most running gloves are not as resistant to wind or water as a golf glove would be, but they will provide you with more motion and you will be able to fell the subtle taps better then with a golf glove

Option #3: BaseBall (Batter’s) Glove

This glove is similar in style to the golf glove. Batters gloves are usually a bit thicker and contain more padding then the golf glove. This may give you more warmth, but the bulkiness will make the glove heavier and make them less sensitive. Looking for thinner batters gloves will be better, you wont be swinging a club or stealing any bases with these so you don’t need the extra protection

Option #4: Utility Gloves

Under Armour makes a great utility glove, it is fairly thin but still offers some protection from the elements. They give you great hand motion and free movement of the fingers and the finger tips. As with the golf and batters gloves a Velcro strap allows you to tighten them to fit your hand.

Maybe some day we will see a glove designed for fishing, but for now we can look to other sports to fill this void for us.. try one of these options our the next time you hit the water on a cold day.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Tungsten Anyone?

The market for Tungsten weights has grown rapidly over the past few years. A product that was made by one or two manufacturers (mainly Tru-Tungsten) is now being made by most major weight companies. Companies like Strike King and Gambler have entered a market that is being saturated with tungsten punching weights.

Every angler is by now aware of the perks that Tungsten offers, it is heavier and stronger then lead, and Tungsten weights can be found in sizes ranging from 3/16 to jumbos at a whopping 2oz. It allows you to use smaller sized profile weights and still load up on weight. These smaller profiles are also slimmer and will help the weight slide through cover easily. Tungsten is also known for being louder in the water when it bangs off structure

With new options available each season, the popularity of Tungsten can only grow. Options like the insert free version, that ensures the weight is always in contact with your line so you can feel every little structure or bottom change, or the ever popular screw version that keeps the weight tight to your bait for less adjustments.

The only down fall that tungsten brings to the market is price. At times it can be as high as $7 a weight. but with more and more companies jumping on board this should help lower the hefty price tag, soon they all will begin to compete for your business. I have already seen a new company that calls their product "Affordable Tungsten", to my pocket book..

If you have not already got on the Tungsten band wagon now is the time. It is worth a shot and you will quickly see what all the hype is about. Start small, by buying a size or two of your fav weight and fish away. I recommend giving the insert free a shot. There has also been a big boom in pegging choices and options that make this technique much easier then the old tooth pick option.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

News: Dobyn's Rod Pro Staff Member

Im proud to say that as of yesterday afternoon, I will now be representing Dobyns Rods as a member of their growing Pro Staff. I would like to thank them for the opportunity to fish and learn along with a great group of guys as well as help spread awareness of Dobyns rods.

Watch for updates on some future events I will be attending with the Dobyns team as well as honest reviews of Dobyns products. As you know Im a gear junky and I cant wait to get started !

For those of you who have not heard of Dobyns, you will soon enough.. but until then i have included a link to their site along with some basic info to get you started.

About Dobyns: (from their website)

Dobyns Rods is the brain child of Gary Dobyns who has honed his skills through decades of tournament fishing. Gary 's knowledge of all fishing techniques has led to his over 100 major tournament victories, this same knowledge is built into every Dobyns rod. Yet, it is Gary's insistence on adhering to strict design principles and minimal manufacturing tolerances that has raised the level of rod performance and quality throughout the fishing industry.

About Dobyns Rods (from their website)

Dobyns Rods offers three full lines of rods a Champion Series, Champion Extreme Series and the newest Savvy Series. Included within these three series' of rods are multiple rods for every bass fishing technique from the lightest split shotting rod to the super powerful mag topwater and swimbait rods. However, these aren't just rods for a particular technique, they are rods built for improving and maximizing your effectiveness with that technique. Each Dobyns line of rods has superior components and material to other rods in that price range from any other manufacturer. Take your fishing to the next level - use a Dobyns Rod.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Black Angel Jigs: Review

As I have mentioned a few times, I’m in no way a high-level jig fisherman. This is a technique that I’m just starting to play with but I have had some success.

Over the past couple season I have begun to build up a jig arsenal. I was buying jigs in all colors, shapes and sizes from all the big name manufactures. Then I came across a company that is not widely know in Canada called “Black Angel Jigs”. They had a very unique look to their jig with what they call “ trailer enhancer”. What it really is , is some extra long strands that give the jig just a few more seconds of motion in the water.

I bough a few of their Jigs, and fell in love with them, they quickly became a confidence bait in my arsenal and I have been growing my collection over the past couple seasons. Here is a review of the company and the products they carry.

Company & Ordering:

Black Angel Jigs is stationed in Texas, and have an on-line site that ships all over the US and Canada. They do have some distributors, the largest being Tackle Warehouse. But if you want to see their full line of Jigs you have to go right to the sourse at

There site is easy to navigate but is not the prettiest thing to look at. The site’s shopping cart is attached to PayPal so it is very easy to use and is safe.

Product Selection:

This is an area that I feel Black Angel Jigs excels. Not only do they have 8 different styles of jigs, but they have some very cool color combinations. Here is a breakdown of their selection….

Finesse Jig:
This jig only comes in a 5/16 size, but has a whopping 10 color variations. Each of which contain the trailer enhancer. I love to use these with finesse worms or with small craws like the Netbait tiny Peca

Football Jigs:
In the football jig section you have two options, standard or Heavy, the standard jigs come in weights of 1/4oz up to 1/2oz. The Heavy’s come in at the 3/4oz to 1oz mark. These jigs are available in 19 different color options.. if you cant find one you like, I think you have a problem

Combat Flipping Jigs:

This jig is made to fish in heavy cover, kit comes in a 1/2oz size with 9 color options. It has a super strong 6o hook and a bait keeper to keep your trailer in place even when fishing the heaviest mess of grass, or timber. It has a head very similar to swim jig but with a flat bottom. This is one my favorite jigs made by Black Angel

Magician Swim Jig:
this really is a magic jig, easily my favorite jig made by Black Angel. This jig comes in either 3/8 or 1/2oz. It has 9 color options and a very unique head design. As with other swim jigs, this has a wedged shapes head, but the line tie is tuned flat. This gig pulls with easy over and around structure. It is also equipped with a long shank hook, Black Angel compare it to a spinner bait body without the arm and blades

Hitman Football Jig:

This is one of two jigs designed by tournament pros (Jeremy Starks) for Black Angel. The Hitman jig comes in 3 size options and 6 colors. The hook is bent up to help allow the bait the stand straighter and give it a more traditionally crawfish look while in the water. Because it stands up so well, this jig makes it easier for a fish to pick it up off the bottom. This jig is designed to be fished with larger craw bodies, so put your chunks away and break out the craw baits.

Grass Bomb:this is the newest jig in my arsenal. The Grass bomb was also designed by a tournament pro (Lance Vick)and is a mix between a standard jig and a punching jig. The oversized head, and super strong hook are perfect for fishing the heaviest of cover. Currently the Grass Bomb is only available in 1 1/4oz sizes. But a bigger and smaller size is on the way

Texas Finesse Jig:
this is a stronger and tougher version of a standard Finesse jig. It still weighs in at 1/4oz but with a stronger hook and a flat bottomed head, it fishes like a flipping jig (or shaky head). It is great for times when the smaller presentation is key, but you still require some additional strength

Rattle System:
Black Angel has a very cool rattle system that allows you to add one or two rattles to a jig and easily remove them. The rubber band style system slides on to most jigs on the market today and you can add one or two rattles depending on conditions. Im a big fan of this concept as it allows me to change rattle without changing jigs.

Product Quality:

The jigs are very high quality, with chip resistant heads and Ultra Point Mustad hooks (some jigs have Gamakatsu hooks). All skirts are hand tied and have the enhanced trailer.

Pricing & Shipping:

Jigs average in price around $3.50 per jig, some come in two packs and others are sold individually. Shipping is free on orders over $30. As a Canadian customer there was a lengthly delivery time on my order arriving, close to 3 weeks. It was shipped USPS which save me the charges that USP is known for hitting you with, so again, no issues or complaints, it was worth the wait

Customer Service: My order was received and shipped with no concerns. Not allot of email correspondance, but I had no issues or concerns with my order

Recommended: Yes, I would recommend trying these products. If you want the best selection go right to the source, but for those who just want to test out one or two, Tackle Warehouse will fill your needs and ship faster then Black Angel

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue!

We have all heard this age old wedding quote that is meant to bring a bride luck on her wedding day. But to be honest I apply the same logic to a daily fishing trip to help bring me luck

Something Old

My tackle bag is filled with goodies that would be considered something old. They are the classic stand by baits that are just as relevant today as they were 30 years (or more )ago, the classic Rapala or a Hula popper are lures that fit this description. Even more recent baits such as the senko can now be classed in the something old category.

These items are your go to baits, or confidence baits, when nothing else is working, go to something old, and you will usually find success. Dont cheat, bringing along your Grandfather does not count as something old!

Something New

This is hard for a lot of anglers, they dont like to drop their confidence baits and try something new. I fish with a few guys that use the same 2 to 4 baits on every trip and refuse to join in on new trends or technique. This is a mistake, I take time each season to test out new lures or techniques to help improve my knowledge as a fisherman. I may not do it in a tournament setting, but when on the water for a casual day of fishing Im also apt to try something new. Wether that was joining in on the drop shot craze that stuck a few years back or even something as minor as trying out a new lure that you dont usually throw.

An old bait can become new again when it is in your hands for the first time. For me, Jig fishing is a new thing, I have made a conscious decision to learn to throw jigs this year. I feel it will help make me a become a better angler

Something Borrowed

To me something borrowed is knowledge. As Anglers it is up to us to grow this sport and by sharing knowledge with your fellow angler you are doing just that. There are many ways to share knowledge, reading and writing blogs on this site is one of those ways. Joining a local club, taking a kid fishing. These are all ways you can give or get something borrowed. We all learned for someone, so make sure you continue that learning process and pass it along.

Something Blue

Really it comes down to just getting out on the water. Like with any sport practice is required. You need to be out on the water and keep your line wet. Sounds easy, doesn't it.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I wear my passion on my sleeve

Over the past 11 months I have been making the drive to Toronto every other month to get some work done on a Bass half sleeve tattoo. On saturday I sat for the last two hours of a 22 hour process, now it is all done, and I could not be happier with the results.Just over a year ago I had the idea for a Bass tattoo that took a tradition Koi fish and lotus flower design and changed it to Bass and lilly pads. I approached a Tattoo Artist that I admired and explained to him my idea. He was super exicted about the idea and booked me in. Here is the break down of the whole process from start to finishFirst things first, the artist that did my work is David Glantz the ower and main artist at Archive Tattoo in Toronto, Ontario. He started by sketching out my idea and adding a little color to give me an idea of what the fish would look like.
This pic is of David and the sketch he did of my arm. The photo is from a Toronto Star story on David and the tattooers for Japan event

Once the Drawing was done I had my first sitting, it was a 4 hour sitting in which David completed the lining of the entire tatoo. He also completed some shading and did some minor color work.

Once the linging hd some time to hear, I was back in to start on the color. The color span out over many months. David took his time to ensure all the deatils were perfect. He completed the first bass and lilly pad during a 4 hour sitting and did the second lilly pad, the Smallmouth and some water during another 4 (almost 5) hour sitting.

Ok, now we start to get to the painfull stuff. I have a few tattoo's so im not exactly new to the process. But i will tell you one thing, an hour or more on the inside of the wrist and I was calling "uncle" same goes for the inside of the armpit (also know as the ditch. My second to last appointment was spent almost entirly in these areas.. I apologize to David now for being a bit squirmyhere are some wrist and other detailed pics

Alright so now we are all caught up to my appointment this past weekend. It was my final 2 hours (that became 3) He was able to put on the finishing touched by bolding up some of the lines, we added the cat tails and did some touches ups in areas that I did not heal well (Im a notoriously bad healer).So when all is said and done here is the final tattoo. It is a thing of beauty and the photos really dont do it justice. Im extremely happy with the final product and was happy to spent 20+ hours with David talking movies,music, fishing and all the other important things in life

Check out David's site for more of his work

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Why I buy Shimano!

the amount of new rod and reel companies entering the fishing industry every season is a testament to popularity and growth of the sport. But no matter how many rods or reels I test each season, I keep going back to the old standby... Shimano

One of the big reasons I have supported shimano all this time comes down to the fact that they support the industry and stand behind their products. I swung by the Shimano Canada Headquarters this morning to drop off a Curado reel to be repaired . Unlike other manufactures shimano has an open door repairs policy and any customer can pull up the the Head Quarters building, (Peterborough, Ontario) look for the blue door and walk in to drop off a reel or rod. You then have the option to pick-up the product when the repair is complete or then will ship it to you

Today I took a curado Reel that seemed to have a little bit of back play , I wanted to get it looked at and repaired in necessary. When I walked in the guys working the repairs desk looked over the reel and explained to me that the small amount of play I was experiencing was to be expected and even if I paid to have then adjust it, it would not make a huge difference. He even pulled out the same Curado reel to show me that it had the same "play" as mine.

walked out satisfied that my reel was working and happy to know that they could have taken my reel, did some work and then charged me for a minor repair that was not needed.

I buy Shimano because I trust them as a company, I know I'm getting top quality products and If and when I have a problem with a product, I know that Shimano will stand behind it. If you have had issues getting products repaired, calls not being returned or are sick of paying shipping charges (both ways) for a repair.. give Shimano a call.. I know I would

Friday, May 20, 2011

Rapala Touch Screen Tournament Scale

I wanted to spend some time and review a great new product that I picked up this season. The Rapala touch Screen Tournament Scale is one of the newer scales to hit the market and it has some awesome new features.. check it out

Pros: There are a ton of great features on this scale, The touch screen is a huge advancement and makes it super easy to add and remove weights from the Scale. With a couple touches of your finger you can lock in fish weights and add and remove fish

This was designed as a tournament scale and will hold up to 8 fish weights, and comes with 8 tags so you can easily cull fish as you fill your live well. When culling the large screen makes it quick and easy to see what fish is your smallest and remove it. When adding and removing fish the Scale tally's your total weight so you always know where you stand.

It may not sound like much but this scale come with booth a standard hook and a clamp. I much prefer the clamp but it is nice to have that hook on standby. The new handle design is also an upgrade in my books, it gives you a great grip and is easy to hold

Cons: There was not much I could find wrong with this scale, I would like it to go a bit higher then 15lbs, make it useful when fishing other species, but since it was designed for tournaments it does meet my requirements. I dont know about you but in my area you cant have more then 5 fish in the boat, not sure why this scale goes up to 8, but im sure there is a reason

Other Features:
This scale runs on 2 x AA batteries and has a decent life span. it also has enough memory to hold your weights should your batteries die on you when on the water.

A protected sleeve with built in waterproof instruction tag makes sure you know what you are doing in key situations

8 Culling Clips with ref tags. This allows you to easily pull your smallest fish from the live well and replace it with a kicker

If you want to check out a little how to video to see how easy it is to run this scale click below...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Company Review: Power team Lures

You can look in many places on the web to find a review of Power Team Lures products, their line of craw baits is sure to keep people talking and catching fish all season long. But in all my searching I have yet to see a review of Power Team Lures in general.

I have personally placed a few orders with Power Team and thought I would give you guys a run down of my experience so far.

Placing an Order: The power team lures website will not blow you off your feet, but it does include everything you need to gain knowledge of their products and place an order. Products are quick and easy to find, and prices are clear. The site provides videos so you can see the various baits move in the water, and as a nice bonus they offer kits, that provide a mix of various plastic products along with clothing and scent. The kit prices are great and are a cheap way to try an assortment of baits and gets a new customer wearing the Power Team Lures logo.

check out their website at

Like most Companies today Power Team also utilizes a Facebook page. They are fairly active and respond to questions, concerns or even photos you postPowerteam on Facebook
Product Selection: Powerteam currently offers 6 different styles of product. They include, Scent, Craws, Grubs,Lizards, Worms and Tubes. They offered a variety of different styles of each of these baits, but I would have to say the most aggressive line-up is the craw line. They have some of the most unique baits I have come across to date, and some awesome color selection.

If your like me and love stickers, decals and fishing branded clothing, Power Team offers a few decal options, a T-shirt and a Hoodie.

Product Quality: I have not yet had the chance to use this product on the water, but I have ordered a variety of baits, I have held most of their products in my hand to get a feel for durability. The product looks and feels durable and I would recommend not opening the package in a confined space as the scent is potent..

Product are well packed and sealed. Unlike other pastics you wont be able to open these on the show room floor, the packs are sealed tight and the baits are kept fresh
Pricing and Shipping: The baits start at about $4.50 for some of the smaller one and up to just under $7 for the larger craw baits. They come packaged in 6, 8 or 10 counts depending on the bait you are choosing. This makes some baits come in at just over $1 per piece. Shipping was very reasonable and as a Canadian customer I was happy to report no duty and brokerage surprises when I picked up my order. The order was shipped quickly and I received emails at time of order and at time of shipment

Customer Service: I would rate the customer service at an A, they were friendly and responded to my questions promptly and with straight forward answers. There was a shipping error on my order, I ordered a L shirt but received an XL. I emailed them to see how I could have this issue corrected and received a quick response. I was shipped the correct shirt that same day and was told to keep the XL,. That's good service.

Issues/Concerns: See above, one small shipping error that was addressed without issue. Very happy with the outcome.Recommended: Yes, and to be honest I have already placed a second order and have been watching their site for when the new baits will be added so i can place order #3

Product Review: CC Rod Sock

As an amateur angler gearing up for my first series of tournaments this summer, i have started to buy products not used as much by your typical weekend angler, but probably should be. Rod socks, gloves or sleeves are a great way to keep your rods protected and tangle free when out on the water. I recently placed an order for some rod socks from a new up and company called CC Rod Sock
When I started to do some research on rod socks, slicks, gloves and sleeves. I knew I needed some, but was not sure what I wanted and how much I was willing to spend. There is a wide variety of products available and all of them essentially do the same thing, but the price varies from $5-$10 per sock.

So when my research was said and done, I chose to go with CC Rod Socks. Two key factors in my decision were.. (1) The owner is an Ontario Angler, and I love to support my fellow fisherman, and (2) the price was right, At $6 a sleeve it was cheaper then the ROD GLOVE which is readily available in my area for $9 a glove.

Here is a review of my Experience....Placing an Order: Quick and easy, the website is laid out well and it was easy to find what I needed and place my order. For me, when ordering online the option to use PayPal is almost a must so I was glad to see it was available. The checkout process quick and I received updates then the order was placed, received and shipped.

Website: Selection: With 4 color options (Black, Red, Yellow and Blue) there is enough selection without going overboard. There are two sock sizes available either 6ft-7ft or 7ft-8th lengths. There is also both a Spinning rod sock and a baitcaster sock. This is important as the large bottom eye on the spinning rod needs to be covered. I found that some companies that only provide one size sock/glove/slick make them to tight and you have to take more time to pull them down over the eye.

Product Quality: As mentioned before, rod socks are a pretty standard product and the quality from one to the next is fairly similar, that being said the CC rod socks are a quality product, each is made to order and have they two key features that are important to any quality rod sock, sleeve, glove or slick.

(1) The tips are tapered and are dipped in rubber. This gives you great tip protection and unlike other that have the tips wrapped, this dipped rubber will never come un-tied. Some socks on the market have flat or square tips, I never understood this. A tapered tip ensure the rod tip fits snug (no sliding arounf and is protected

The base of each sock has been rolled up and in for an easy on and off. This is pretty standard for this style product, as it keeps the ends in tact and helps prevent fraying. I have had a sleeve in the past that started to come apart at the base. It made it very hard to get the rod in and out of the sleeve

Pricing & Shipping: As mentioned above the price was one of the reasons I purchased the CC Rod Sock. Coming in at $6 per baitcasting sock and $7 per Spinning sock, my order of 7 socks saved me $20 over the same order with a competitive brand.

Standard shipping rates are provided for Canadian Orders. At just under $10 I can confirm they are not gauging on the shipping. The price from Canada Post on my shipment was just under $9 and that does not include the owners time or shipping material

Customer Service: I would rate the customer service a A, communication was great, i knew where my package was at all times and it was produced and shipped quickly. Any and all questions were answered within 24hrs.

Issues/Concerns: I had no issues or concerns with my order. I will mention that there is no real product packaging available for these sleeves, they were well protected by a plastic case and boxed well for shipping, but there is not "professional" packaging. Hey, for $20 in savings I can over look the lack of packaging

Recommended: Yes

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

There's an App for that!...Or is there?

The smart phone has taken over the world, and that includes the fishing industry. The popular catch phrase every-time you come across a problem you cant solve without the use of your trusty Iphone.. "there's an App for that!", does not ring as true in the fishing industry as it does everywhere else. Dont' get me wrong there are some great App's to help fisherman out, the WFN Fishing Log is one and of course the Navionics also produced a top quality app, but where is the rest of the Industry? No other big name in the industry has produced an app.. not including games.. So here is my list of Dream Apps that I would love to see made available....

The Lure Selector App
Wouldn't it be cool it companies like Rapala or Live Target made an app, that helped you select a lure when on the water. You enter the depth of water and species targeted, it then spits out the lure best suited for both.

The Perfect Rod App
How about an App that helps an angler buy there perfect rod for them. You enter your hieght, the species you want to target with the rod, as well as a few techniques you like to use. The App would narrow down the rod best suited for you! This could be done by a single manufacture or some combined, this would help the average angler choose the right gear

Knot Options App
If there is one App that has flooded the market, it is the "how to" knot tying apps. But how about an App that tells you what kind of knot works best for each presentation, and then shows you how to do it. When to use a palomar, or a rapala knot, some guys know this stuff, and other dont.

Color -C-lector App
I know, I know, this is loved by some and hated by many. But as an App I think it would be pretty cool. Add in the wetaher condition, the water clarity, and so on, then the App tells you the best color choices for the day.

Lake Locator App
There are a ton of Apps geared to finding you the closest fast food restaurant or bank machine. But how about an app that you tells you where the closest lakes are. It uses your location to find lakes, as well as key needs, local bait shops, gas stations, marina's, public launches and so on.

Apps like these would be valuable to the everyday angler and the professional angler alike. Lets see some of the big guns in the fishing industry step up to the plate and start making some usefull on the water one day soon we really can say "there's an app for that"

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mega Strike - Strike Back Spinnerbait

f you asked me about MegaStrike prior to this season, I would have said that they are a "scent company". But this year I think they are out to change their already good reputation by adding a line of plastics as well as a new spinner bait concept called the "StrikeBack"

The StrikeBack spinnerbait has a hinged body that MegaStrike claims will improve your hook-ups, by allowing the hook to move freely no mater which direction the fish strikes. I admit I really like the look and feel of this bait. In the past I have purchased the Booyah spinnerbait with the flexible wire, it did help my hook-up ratio and I think the StrikeBack will do the same. The hinge moved wells, and takes no pressure at all to swing it. MegaStrike provided them in the standard weights and colors and after a closer look that have a nice finish. The other issue MegaStrike believes this hinge will fix is the constant adjusting of the spinnerbait wire, the hinge takes some of the extra pressure that is normally applied to the wire when fighting a fish

These baits are priced at the middle to high end of the Spinnerbait market. At first glance I feel that are worth the money and I look forward to throwing one this season.

Check out the below video for more info

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fishing for Quality, Quantity or just some Peace and Quiet?

Crappie season is in full swing and with the nice weather finally here, I packed up my gear yesterday morning and after work I headed straight for my favourite crappie hole. This was my first open water trip of the season and I couldnt wait to hit the water.

It is only a 20 minuite drive from my work to this fishing hole. I was almost salivating as I rounded the last corner, but my excitment quickly tunred to dissapointment when i saw 10 trucks parked along the side of the road. I slowed down to look at the small patch of land that I usually have all to myselft and I saw more then 10 anglers standing shoulder to shoulder taking up all 20 feet of fishable shoreline. The overhead hydro wire was filled with even more tangled line, bobbers and worms as this group of men competed cast for cast to find the Crappies that were on the move.

Some guys would have stopped, got out and joined this mob, but i didnt stop my car, I simply drove on by. I knew another small hole just minutes down the road and I was praying this one was a little quieter.

When I got to hole #2 I had it all to myself. Not a sole was in siight. This hole is not the hot spot that the previous location was known to be, but if you work at it, there are fish to be had. I put in just over an hour of fishing, It was nice and peacefull, there was no bucket load of crappie to take home and no monster to mount on my wall, because today I opted for peace and quiet over quality and quanity

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Frog Review V3: hard Bodies

Today, I will wrap up my Frog review with the 3rd and final category.. Hard Bodied frogs... I bet a lot of you are asking "what is a hard bodied frog", and to be honest only one of the below lures is actually a frog, the rest of them are slop baits that are fished like hollow and soft body frogs.. check them out and let me know what you think..

1) Heddon Moss Boss

Pros: The moss boss is my favorite slop spoon or hard bodied frog as I will be calling it here. They are almost indestructible, they cast like a bullet and the hook-up ratio is very high. The slide with ease across the slop and the pads, and can be burned over open water. It you stop reeling they will slowly fall with a great flutter action.

Cons: Well they do at times land hook down and can cause a mess when you try to pull it back through the slop upside down. With no weedguard they can catch on vegetation, and as you get comfortable fishing them the less issues you will have

2) Northland Jaw-Breaker

Pros: The Jaw-breaker spoon has a slender profile, but with the all metal body weighs in heavier then the Moss Boss. It casts like a dream and sits well on the slop. This spoon has a "Y" shaped weed guard to help keep the hook clean, it is better then no weedguard, but like the moss boss it you land hook down you are out of luck. Great colors and great tails the jaw breaker moved well on the slop and in the water. The thinner body helps the fish eat it and can increase hook-ups

Cons: Not really a con, but i prefer the movement of the moss boss in the water, i find it falls better in open water and it easier to keep up when you slow or stop your retrieve.

3) Dahlberg Diver Frog

Ok, I'm going to preface this by saying I'm not really to sure about this frog. This is new to the market and I have yet to have it on the water. I guess this frog could be considered a soft body since it has soft plastic legs, but it also has a solid plastic body with a diving lip on the top of the frog. I can see some cons right off the bat, the legs are super thin and flimsy, they will get chewed up fast. You are provided with a spare pair and I'm pretty sure you will need them. I am interested in seeing this frog move in the water, the bill is a cool idea and the legs are reported to kick and curl back up.. Time will tell, but i have a feeling this frog may end up in the junk bin with the Banjo minnow

4) Live Target - Frog (walking)

This is another new introduction into the frog market, and this one comes with some serious hype. I bought in, and bought a pair to test drive this summer. The walker frog is well constructed in typical live target fashion. It has a great shape and some great color options. The sizes seem to be the perfect fit, the smaller sized frog is not to small, and the larger one is big enough without being jumbo. It is one frog I can wait to throw this season