Friday, May 20, 2011

Rapala Touch Screen Tournament Scale

I wanted to spend some time and review a great new product that I picked up this season. The Rapala touch Screen Tournament Scale is one of the newer scales to hit the market and it has some awesome new features.. check it out

Pros: There are a ton of great features on this scale, The touch screen is a huge advancement and makes it super easy to add and remove weights from the Scale. With a couple touches of your finger you can lock in fish weights and add and remove fish

This was designed as a tournament scale and will hold up to 8 fish weights, and comes with 8 tags so you can easily cull fish as you fill your live well. When culling the large screen makes it quick and easy to see what fish is your smallest and remove it. When adding and removing fish the Scale tally's your total weight so you always know where you stand.

It may not sound like much but this scale come with booth a standard hook and a clamp. I much prefer the clamp but it is nice to have that hook on standby. The new handle design is also an upgrade in my books, it gives you a great grip and is easy to hold

Cons: There was not much I could find wrong with this scale, I would like it to go a bit higher then 15lbs, make it useful when fishing other species, but since it was designed for tournaments it does meet my requirements. I dont know about you but in my area you cant have more then 5 fish in the boat, not sure why this scale goes up to 8, but im sure there is a reason

Other Features:
This scale runs on 2 x AA batteries and has a decent life span. it also has enough memory to hold your weights should your batteries die on you when on the water.

A protected sleeve with built in waterproof instruction tag makes sure you know what you are doing in key situations

8 Culling Clips with ref tags. This allows you to easily pull your smallest fish from the live well and replace it with a kicker

If you want to check out a little how to video to see how easy it is to run this scale click below...

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