Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Recipe: BBQ Perogies

It has been a while since I posted a recipe, and with BBQ season ramping up I though what better time to share my first attempt at BBQ'd Perogy, Peirogi, or Perogies.. however you say it, they are delicious


Perogies  - 4 per person

Olive Oil - 4 tbsp

BBQ Dry Rub - 2 tbsp (or till coated)

BBQ Sauce - 4 tbsp (used more as a glaze then sauce)

Cook Time: 5-10 minutes in boiling water, 5-10 minutes on the grill

I will get two fussy things out of the way first. Depending on how much time you have, making home made perogies is by far the superior method, but for those of us who are time constrained store bought versions are pretty good now-a-days.

To Boil or not to boil: When I decide to take the plunge and BBQ my perogies I did some basic "google research" and what I found was that there was split reviews on whether to pre-boil or place your perogies on the BBQ frozen. Personally using my knowledge and experience of cooking on the BBQ I deciding that pre-boiling the perogies was the best bet, if you plan to do a frozen version stop reading now...

Step#1:  Boil'em

Bring a pot of water to a rolling boil. Then add a tbsp or 2 to the water, this helps keep the perogies separate in the pot (as then tend to get sticky when they soften). I use a rolling boil to help keep the perogies off the bottom of the pot, you can turn it down but be sure to stir often.

There is no dedicated time frame for this, just wait for the perogies to float

Step #2: Toss'em

Grab your trusty mixing boil and add 2tbs of Olive Oil (or melted butter) and toss the perogies getting them nice and coated. Once oiled up, start to dust them with the BBQ rub of your choice, I like something with a smoky paprika/brown sugar base. Once coated they will start to dry up a bit and not be as "tacky" to the touch.

Step#3: Fire Up the Grill

I have read the various ways that people like to place their perogies on the grill, some steam them in a pouch, or use a BBQ wok, me, i throw them right on the grill and use a mix of direct and in-direct heat.

Start by getting the BBQ hot, and by hot I mean between 400-450 degrees. Once at temperature you need to grease the grill, perogies will stick, so either spray or oil it up.

Place the perogies on the grill (single layer, not stacked) and shut the lid for 2 minutes, give them a check , to see if you get those nice grill marks, if yes, give'em a flip and do the same on side 2. Once both sides are marked/charred turn off lower the temp and give them a few more minutes to cook.

Step 4: Glaze'em

I don't think perogies need a heavy hand with the sauce, so I opted to do more of a glaze. Using a small brush I gave each side a quick wash, then flipped them to let the heat caramelize the sauce a bit.

If you want to sauce them instead of glazing them, who am I to stop ya' go nuts. I also think a a good addition in the future would be to toss them with butter and hot sauce instead of oil

Step 5: Enjoy'em!

BBQ'd  perogies make  a great side dish for a variety of BBQ'd meats, including port chops and or sausages. Don't hesitate to be adventurous, try various spices, and or make your own flavoured sour cream for dipping (blue cheese dip is an awesome partner for these)

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  1. Sounds great! You are even using the same cutting board I have....