Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fighting the Elements: Gloves

As a weekend warrior fisherman I have the choice to look out my window each morning and decide whether or not I will venture out onto the lake. High winds or heavy rain may keep me at home. But if you are a tournament angler you don’t really have that choice to stay home. You are expected to brave the elements and put in your 8 hours on the water, hopefully coming home with a check for your efforts.

Two things get cold quick on the water.. your feet an d your hands. Today I’m going to give you some options on how to keep you hands warm while on the water.

Lets face it, your hands are important part of fishing, not only are you holding a rod all day, and cranking the reel, but it is also important to be able to use your hands to feel the subtle taps that represent a fish bite, or changes to structure or bottom type. You want a product that will keep the elements off your hands but still allow you to feel those subtle taps and changes. You also need the ability to use your fingertips. Currently there are no gloves designed for fishing that give you all these options… here are some that will

Option #1: Golf Gloves

In a recent episode of Classic Patters Alton Jones can been seen fishing in a heavy rain suit and with a snow covered boat. On his hands.. A pair of Foot Joy golf gloves! These gloves are designed to allow hand and finger movement while protecting the hand. They are line or provide any additional warmth, but when used as a windbreak they will help y our hands stay warm while out in the elements. They also provide some water resistance. They will not keep you dry all day, but will repel light rain and keep you hands dry.

Option #2: Running GlovesRunning gloves

a nice light weight glove that provide additional hand warm to runners, so why not fisherman? Most running gloves are a light weight material designed to fit tight to the hands and allow dexterity. Most running gloves are not as resistant to wind or water as a golf glove would be, but they will provide you with more motion and you will be able to fell the subtle taps better then with a golf glove

Option #3: BaseBall (Batter’s) Glove

This glove is similar in style to the golf glove. Batters gloves are usually a bit thicker and contain more padding then the golf glove. This may give you more warmth, but the bulkiness will make the glove heavier and make them less sensitive. Looking for thinner batters gloves will be better, you wont be swinging a club or stealing any bases with these so you don’t need the extra protection

Option #4: Utility Gloves

Under Armour makes a great utility glove, it is fairly thin but still offers some protection from the elements. They give you great hand motion and free movement of the fingers and the finger tips. As with the golf and batters gloves a Velcro strap allows you to tighten them to fit your hand.

Maybe some day we will see a glove designed for fishing, but for now we can look to other sports to fill this void for us.. try one of these options our the next time you hit the water on a cold day.

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