Saturday, March 29, 2014

Bass Geek Part 5 - Honing your tournament skill while playing Black Bass

noun - slang

1. An expert or enthusiast (a term of pride)
2. A person who is pre-occupied or knowledgeable about Bass Fishing
3.  A person that spends the off season playing black bass in order to keep up their skills

How to become a Bass Geek Part 4:

There are many way a Bass Geek can  spend the winter months.. aka "The off season", but is there any better way to keep up on your skills them by playing some good old Black Bass, still one of the best fishing games of all time (in my humble opinion)

Step 1:  Sure, there are fishing games for almost every video console known to man, but is there any better game then the classic Black Bass and Super black Bass from the Nintendo and Super Nintendo system.. I don't think there is.. so step one of this process is dusting off your old system or heading to your local flea market to pick one up, they are readily available and still work

tip: Knock-off systems are also available for as little as $20, they work well and should get you through the winter months

Step 2: Black Bass is a popular game, it may be hard to get your hands on a copy for a decent price, but then again that's what the Internet is for.. helping you find things

Tip: If you don't want to go through the process of digging out the old system you can probably find a nice download version of this game for you computer or other game console.. but it will kinda feel like cheating

Step 3: Once you get your hands on a copy of the game don't forget to blow in both the game and the system in order to make it work.. then it's time to go fishing

PS: If your memory is as bad as mine hope and pray that you still have a copy of the manual

PPS: Although Black Bass and Super Black Bass are the games of my childhood I would be remiss if I did not also suggest you pick up Mark Davis Fishing Master, it has to be the most realistic fishing game I have ever played, they thought of everything in this game

Monday, March 24, 2014

Daiwa Tatula - Are you an Type-R personality?

As you know I got my hands on an early release of the Daiwa Tatula last season and was completely blown away by it's performance (not to mention it's price). So in preparation of the 2014 season I placed an order adding a few more Tatulas to my arsenal, this time including the Typer-R.

If your not currently using Daiwa reels (shame on you) you may not be fully aware of what a"Type-R" reel is and even more importantly why you should own one. Short and sweet "Type-R" is a designation Daiwa gives a reel that they have made improvements to, or tuned up in order to give anglers an even higher performing reel. These changes can often come in the reels overall weight, speed offerings and at times colour changes. The Diawa Tatula Type R features all of these changes and has turned this bad ass reel into a super bad ass reel.

More speed?.. check

The Tatula Type-R is available in two speeds, a standard 6.3 and the blazing fast 8.1. The later of the two is only available in he Type-R and is one of the reasons I made the jump to. I spend a lot of my time  frog fishing and I found that there was a whole in my reel line-up that could only be filled by an 8.1 speed reel. The Tatula Type-R will not only allow me to quickly pick up line when hooking a fish in heavy cover, but it will also allow me to quickly burn back baits that have fouled out, making sure I'm able to keep my frogs in the water longer

Lighter weight?.. check

The Tatula Type-R dropped some of it's winter weigh coming in at nice 7.6oz vs. the 7.9oz  standard Tatula. This may not seem like much, but the majority of the weigh loss comes from a lighter spool. This mean that the Type -R will not only put less strain on your body but it will also allow you through lighter baits.. you know for those of you finesse guys.

Pimped out?… Check

I don't think I really even need to type anything here, all that needs to be said can be seen from the picture at the top of this article. The Type-R comes dressed in black with a slick  metallic red spool and tensioner knob. I'll be honest I loved the look of the original Tatula but these highlights make it pop and really class it up (insert whistle sound here)

These 3 updates help improve an already highly impressive reel. Dawia has really stepped up to the plate with the Tattle, building on and improving their T-Wing technology and Air rotation retrieve. To check out my test drive of the standard Tatula reel click HERE

bring on Bass season

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Walk This Way - 3 Walking Baits that are all the talk around the dock in 2014

I don't know about you, but I can't ever get my hands on enough top-water baits.. between frogs, poppers and walking baits I could easily easily break the bank.. and if you ask my wife I may have already, but with that said I spent this past off-season freezing my ass off up here in Canada while still  paying close attention to a new group of walking baits that seem to be the talk of the town... and I have gone out of my way to add all 3 to my personal arsenal. 

One, the Triton Mike Balsa Bull is a re-engineered version of a true classic (Ichiban Minnow), the second bait is the previously discontinued Reaction Innovation Vixen that just recently became available to the masses, and the third is a newish bait from Jackall that not only brings some size to the table but it also includes a cavity behind the head designed to add bubbles and disturbance.. 

So, lets see what all the hypes about…

the BALSA BULL is created

For those of you old enough to remember the legendary Ichiban Minnow aka the Balsa Pro you already know that it was touted as one of if not thee best top water bait ever created, (even more so in clear water situations).. But then in the late 90's like an episode of the X-Files it mysteriously vanished from the shelves, never to be seen or heard from again.. until now.

Triton Mike of the Bull Shad swim bait fame put in the time and effort to have the Balsa Pro reverse engineer thus creating the Balsa Bull  a nearly 100% identical replica of this now extinct bait.  Once available for sale the Balsa Bull immediately  garnered a flurry of interest, and has blown up on forums and review sites all across the word wide web. It's not often that you see this much love is put into a bait, but then again thats what Triton Mike is know for. 

The Balsa Bull is officially the bait I'm most excited to throw in 2014, I snapped up a pair of them (one in each colour) and I can't wait to give them a test drive (come ice out). Do yourself a favour and check our the Balsa Bull, yes it retails for a steep $29.99, but just remember the original when found retails at prices close to or above a car payment

The VIXEN returns

If you frequent  fishing forums or fishing related websites there is a good chance you have seen the rumour mill working overtime when it comes to the re-introduction of  Reaction Innovations Vixen line of top water baits.. well it's a rumours no more  because as of March 14th Reaction Innovations announced that they were officially shipping Vixens to your favourite dealers, and I jumped all over one. This announcement comes on the heels of a very long pre-sale period that sparked some complaints from anglers who have been waiting as much as 10 months for this product to finally arrive. Recation Innovation themselves expected this bait to be available back in 2010, so yeah it has been a long hard road

Why the Hype? well there is a mix of hype around the Vixen some of it is being created by Reaction Innovations themselves who are constantly reminding us that this product will only be available  for a limited time, thus driving up demand. But the rest of the Hype is from the group of anglers who have been awaiting the Vixens return since it's discontinuation pre-2006. Why it ever went away, we may never know, but what i do know os that the demand for this product never went which makes me very excited to tie one on.

Will the Vixen worth the wait? only time will tell, I placed my order two short days ago from American Legacy (one of the few companies that still had stock) and now I'm eagerly awaiting its arrival. From everything I read by simply tying this bait on I should almost instantly turn into Kevin VanDam, if that's the case, Ill see you at the Bass Master Classic next year

Something new - the Jackall Bowstick 130

while standing in the top water section of the Bass Pro Shop it's easy to go cross eyed while attempting to sort out which walking bait to buy. Bait companies are painfully aware of this and thus they do their best to make their baits stand out, some times this means pimping out their baits with crazy new colours and other times they actually have to up the anti and offer the angler something brand new.. enter the Jackall Bowstick 130

There are a few things about the BowStick that will catch your eye, first and foremost is it's size, other then the IMA BigStick this bait is the largest topwater bait in my arsenal (currently) and in a time where giant swim baits are king it's nice to see the top water world catching up. The second and more obvious change is the triangular shaped hole just behind the baits head. Jackall believes that this hole will create more disturbance in the water and leave a larger more pronounced bubble trail.. both of these are a good thing.

Yes, I know, I know the Bowstick has been around for a few seasons now, but its still being talked about on the dock and that is  probably because Jackall is rapidly expanding in popularity in both Canada and the US, where as when this bait was launched Jackall was still relatively unknown to the weekend angler and a much harder to find commodity.  Although talked about I personally don't think it has received the same hype as the above baits and even if your not a believer in the hole/cavity system you can't deny that the Bowstick brings with it both Jackall high quality and some serious size (5.2 inches long and 1oz)

Thanks my thoughts, what about yours?.. discuss

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Contest: Signed Gary Dobyns hat Give-away

It's contest time again, this one is pretty simple, all you have to do is head on over to the Dobyns Rods Facebook page (HERE)  and hit the "LIKE" button, then head on over to the Bass Junkies Facebook page and tell us your favourite (or most wanted) Dobyns rod (HERE) .. Like the new DX746

thats it, its that simple.. hurry contest ends on Friday March 14th