Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June Recipe: Cedar Wrapped Shrimp and Scallops

The first recipe I shared was a very fall or early winter theme to it. This one is all Spring/Summer. this is more of an appetiser or tapa, great with rice or grilled bread

3 x Jumbo Shrimps, you can flvour them how you like, but I like to use an Olive oil butter mix with some crushed garlic and fresh cilantro (raw unpeeled works best)

For the Scallops (3 x Sea Scallops) I like something with a stronger flavour, try marinating them in your favourite salsa or a blend of crushed tomatos, grilled peppers and garlic. Scallops dont need much time to marinate 30 minutes will do it

nstead of planking these guys, I decided to cedar wrap them. You can find these thin cedat papers in most butcher shops or BBQ specialty stores. They are quick and easy, they only need to be soaked for 10 minutes instead of 2 + hours for a plank. You will also want to soak the butcher string a bit to stop if from burning

The papers are just big enough for 3 x the Jumbo shrimp or 3 x Scallops. You can also mix and match (2 shrimp, 1 scallop) they should be layed on the paper so the wrap can be easily rolled

Once filled, give them a roll, the paper should over lap, and you can then use the butcher string to tie them up.

These do not take much time on the BBQ, heat it up to 400-500 degrees, place the wraps down shut them lid and leave them alone for 3 minutes. Then give them a flip and give them 3 more minutes on the other side. Keep the lid shut to keep the heat in. the wet wraps will pretect the seafood, but you need the high heat to cook them quick

Then depending on how you want to serve them, you can either keep them wrapped and serve them on a nice wook cutting board with the garlic toast....

Or if you are plating them, cut the string and plate them open on the paper

Enjoy, I know I did

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  1. Now I'm hungry! I'll have to give these a try. My wife can't eat shellfish because of allergies, but I'd bet this would work nicely on rockfish (striper) cut into scallop sized bites! Personally, I'd have to triple the shrimp count just for me :)

    Great Blog.