Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue!

We have all heard this age old wedding quote that is meant to bring a bride luck on her wedding day. But to be honest I apply the same logic to a daily fishing trip to help bring me luck

Something Old

My tackle bag is filled with goodies that would be considered something old. They are the classic stand by baits that are just as relevant today as they were 30 years (or more )ago, the classic Rapala or a Hula popper are lures that fit this description. Even more recent baits such as the senko can now be classed in the something old category.

These items are your go to baits, or confidence baits, when nothing else is working, go to something old, and you will usually find success. Dont cheat, bringing along your Grandfather does not count as something old!

Something New

This is hard for a lot of anglers, they dont like to drop their confidence baits and try something new. I fish with a few guys that use the same 2 to 4 baits on every trip and refuse to join in on new trends or technique. This is a mistake, I take time each season to test out new lures or techniques to help improve my knowledge as a fisherman. I may not do it in a tournament setting, but when on the water for a casual day of fishing Im also apt to try something new. Wether that was joining in on the drop shot craze that stuck a few years back or even something as minor as trying out a new lure that you dont usually throw.

An old bait can become new again when it is in your hands for the first time. For me, Jig fishing is a new thing, I have made a conscious decision to learn to throw jigs this year. I feel it will help make me a become a better angler

Something Borrowed

To me something borrowed is knowledge. As Anglers it is up to us to grow this sport and by sharing knowledge with your fellow angler you are doing just that. There are many ways to share knowledge, reading and writing blogs on this site is one of those ways. Joining a local club, taking a kid fishing. These are all ways you can give or get something borrowed. We all learned for someone, so make sure you continue that learning process and pass it along.

Something Blue

Really it comes down to just getting out on the water. Like with any sport practice is required. You need to be out on the water and keep your line wet. Sounds easy, doesn't it.

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