Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spring Prep Guide V2: Sorting & Storing Soft Plastics

One of the hardest things for a Bass angler to sort is his/her huge collection of plastic baits. These vary from worms, tubes, frogs, lizards, kreatures, trailers and many more styles, too numerous to count. here is how I work to keep mine organized.

Step 1 - Get Organized

a few seasons ago I started purchasing the below plastic storage drawers. They fairly heavy duty and make for easy sorting. On the front lip of each drawer I place a label to identify what type of bait is stored inside. Some labels are fairly generic stating "worms" or "tubes" other drawers are technique specific, such as "dropshot" or "wacky", in these drawers you will not only find plastics associated with those techniques but also the terminal tackle. Here is an example of two of my drawer systems

Step 2 - No wasted space

As you can see in the above image I not only have filled these drawers to capacity, but I have also added a small storage bin to the top. In this bin, I store quick grab items that I may need on my way out the door. It includes, things like...

- sunscreen and bug spray
- spare sun glasses
- first aid kit
- weigh scale
- rod and lure wraps
- line spools
- misc accessories

Step 3 - Keep it fresh

it is very easy over the coarse of the season to just throw your plastics in any old drawer and not keep it organized. It is worth it, to take the extra time after an outing to store items properly. Nothing is worse then prepping for a tournament or a trip and not being able to find the baits you want. I also keep one drawer that is filled with my fav baits, or plastics that I take on 90% of my trips. this allows me to grab them really quick.

Step 4 - Overflow

I use one of these drawers to store overflow or excess terminal tackle. Terminal tackle is not the easiest to keep organized, but having everything in place place has helped me more times then I can count. During the season I keep most terminal tackle in my bag, as it is pretty standard where as the bait size and color selection may change from event to event

Quick Tip - Junk drawer are a good idea!

We all have them, piles of plastics we bought because they looked cool or were on sale. We may have used them once or never opened them at all. I never dispose of or give away these baits, I store them in a junk drawer and re visit them every few seasons. (yep I even have a banjo minnow and flying lure in there)

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