Saturday, May 21, 2011

Why I buy Shimano!

the amount of new rod and reel companies entering the fishing industry every season is a testament to popularity and growth of the sport. But no matter how many rods or reels I test each season, I keep going back to the old standby... Shimano

One of the big reasons I have supported shimano all this time comes down to the fact that they support the industry and stand behind their products. I swung by the Shimano Canada Headquarters this morning to drop off a Curado reel to be repaired . Unlike other manufactures shimano has an open door repairs policy and any customer can pull up the the Head Quarters building, (Peterborough, Ontario) look for the blue door and walk in to drop off a reel or rod. You then have the option to pick-up the product when the repair is complete or then will ship it to you

Today I took a curado Reel that seemed to have a little bit of back play , I wanted to get it looked at and repaired in necessary. When I walked in the guys working the repairs desk looked over the reel and explained to me that the small amount of play I was experiencing was to be expected and even if I paid to have then adjust it, it would not make a huge difference. He even pulled out the same Curado reel to show me that it had the same "play" as mine.

walked out satisfied that my reel was working and happy to know that they could have taken my reel, did some work and then charged me for a minor repair that was not needed.

I buy Shimano because I trust them as a company, I know I'm getting top quality products and If and when I have a problem with a product, I know that Shimano will stand behind it. If you have had issues getting products repaired, calls not being returned or are sick of paying shipping charges (both ways) for a repair.. give Shimano a call.. I know I would

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