Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fishing for Quality, Quantity or just some Peace and Quiet?

Crappie season is in full swing and with the nice weather finally here, I packed up my gear yesterday morning and after work I headed straight for my favourite crappie hole. This was my first open water trip of the season and I couldnt wait to hit the water.

It is only a 20 minuite drive from my work to this fishing hole. I was almost salivating as I rounded the last corner, but my excitment quickly tunred to dissapointment when i saw 10 trucks parked along the side of the road. I slowed down to look at the small patch of land that I usually have all to myselft and I saw more then 10 anglers standing shoulder to shoulder taking up all 20 feet of fishable shoreline. The overhead hydro wire was filled with even more tangled line, bobbers and worms as this group of men competed cast for cast to find the Crappies that were on the move.

Some guys would have stopped, got out and joined this mob, but i didnt stop my car, I simply drove on by. I knew another small hole just minutes down the road and I was praying this one was a little quieter.

When I got to hole #2 I had it all to myself. Not a sole was in siight. This hole is not the hot spot that the previous location was known to be, but if you work at it, there are fish to be had. I put in just over an hour of fishing, It was nice and peacefull, there was no bucket load of crappie to take home and no monster to mount on my wall, because today I opted for peace and quiet over quality and quanity

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