Monday, May 16, 2011

Mega Strike - Strike Back Spinnerbait

f you asked me about MegaStrike prior to this season, I would have said that they are a "scent company". But this year I think they are out to change their already good reputation by adding a line of plastics as well as a new spinner bait concept called the "StrikeBack"

The StrikeBack spinnerbait has a hinged body that MegaStrike claims will improve your hook-ups, by allowing the hook to move freely no mater which direction the fish strikes. I admit I really like the look and feel of this bait. In the past I have purchased the Booyah spinnerbait with the flexible wire, it did help my hook-up ratio and I think the StrikeBack will do the same. The hinge moved wells, and takes no pressure at all to swing it. MegaStrike provided them in the standard weights and colors and after a closer look that have a nice finish. The other issue MegaStrike believes this hinge will fix is the constant adjusting of the spinnerbait wire, the hinge takes some of the extra pressure that is normally applied to the wire when fighting a fish

These baits are priced at the middle to high end of the Spinnerbait market. At first glance I feel that are worth the money and I look forward to throwing one this season.

Check out the below video for more info

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