Saturday, May 14, 2011

Frog Review V3: hard Bodies

Today, I will wrap up my Frog review with the 3rd and final category.. Hard Bodied frogs... I bet a lot of you are asking "what is a hard bodied frog", and to be honest only one of the below lures is actually a frog, the rest of them are slop baits that are fished like hollow and soft body frogs.. check them out and let me know what you think..

1) Heddon Moss Boss

Pros: The moss boss is my favorite slop spoon or hard bodied frog as I will be calling it here. They are almost indestructible, they cast like a bullet and the hook-up ratio is very high. The slide with ease across the slop and the pads, and can be burned over open water. It you stop reeling they will slowly fall with a great flutter action.

Cons: Well they do at times land hook down and can cause a mess when you try to pull it back through the slop upside down. With no weedguard they can catch on vegetation, and as you get comfortable fishing them the less issues you will have

2) Northland Jaw-Breaker

Pros: The Jaw-breaker spoon has a slender profile, but with the all metal body weighs in heavier then the Moss Boss. It casts like a dream and sits well on the slop. This spoon has a "Y" shaped weed guard to help keep the hook clean, it is better then no weedguard, but like the moss boss it you land hook down you are out of luck. Great colors and great tails the jaw breaker moved well on the slop and in the water. The thinner body helps the fish eat it and can increase hook-ups

Cons: Not really a con, but i prefer the movement of the moss boss in the water, i find it falls better in open water and it easier to keep up when you slow or stop your retrieve.

3) Dahlberg Diver Frog

Ok, I'm going to preface this by saying I'm not really to sure about this frog. This is new to the market and I have yet to have it on the water. I guess this frog could be considered a soft body since it has soft plastic legs, but it also has a solid plastic body with a diving lip on the top of the frog. I can see some cons right off the bat, the legs are super thin and flimsy, they will get chewed up fast. You are provided with a spare pair and I'm pretty sure you will need them. I am interested in seeing this frog move in the water, the bill is a cool idea and the legs are reported to kick and curl back up.. Time will tell, but i have a feeling this frog may end up in the junk bin with the Banjo minnow

4) Live Target - Frog (walking)

This is another new introduction into the frog market, and this one comes with some serious hype. I bought in, and bought a pair to test drive this summer. The walker frog is well constructed in typical live target fashion. It has a great shape and some great color options. The sizes seem to be the perfect fit, the smaller sized frog is not to small, and the larger one is big enough without being jumbo. It is one frog I can wait to throw this season

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