Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Live Target Family

Over the course of the off season (also know as the ice season) I have been slowly building my Live target family.

Live target has continued to grow their product line and provide a family of baits that allow you to target many species at any depth. My first live target bait was a standard perch bait, after getting my first look at it, I was not sure wether or not I should fish with it, or buy a frame a for it, but after a day on the water it was pretty clear that these baits are made for fishing. Not only do they have a quality realistic paint job, but they are a high performing lure with great rattle action, and what appears to be a quality hook.
(Unlike some other cranks on the market you wont find me changing out the factory hooks)

Obviously the one issue that always pops up when you talk Live Target is price point. But at this time they are not much more expensive then your average rapala, but I would argue that they will out perform your average rapala. A perk to these baits is the colors provide will work on more bodies of water then your standard crank bait, Personally I have been buying them in perch, crawfish and blueegill colors, and at a variety of depths

As a Bass angler in Ontario Canada,the lakes I fish are loaded with perch, pumpkinseed and crawfish. So for me color selection was simple. As stated above I started out with a perch bait, in two depths options. The first and larger bait is a 0-1" diver, this bait is great to rip over weed beds, the second smaller bait dives from 4-6ft, I love using it along weedlines, and trolling in over 10feet of water. Both baits have seen many fish, and still have that great orginal paint job

When I decided to expand the family the next logical choice for me was to go crawfish. The Live Target crawfish line is larger then the other lines in their arsenal, offering many color variations. In my area I have had success with the standard red/black craw bait as well as the fire reds, so I stuck with what I new and matched those colors. (this year live target added a crazy blue craw that I hope to add to my arsenal soon)

Not one to throw a lipless crank very often, i have not spent time with the Live targer lipless craw. I did purchase one this off season and hope to get it on the water more ofter. The larger profile and weight of the bait really drew my attention. It hasa great rattle and shoudl really call those fish in

The last species or should I say color selection, is pumpkinseed. My local lakes are filled with "dink" gills that are perfect for a hungry largemouth. I have expanded my size selection on the gill color to incorporate the smallest size that they have available (2 1/4 inches long 1/4 oz) and to include the largest size, the new wakebait (3 3/4inches long 1 3/8oz).

Im very excited about throwing the wakebait this season. I have been using the Mans -1 baits for years and with the new Live Target wake bait with jointed tail, I think I will have a new fav on my hands

I know many of you are thinking that I missed somthing, how can you talk about live target and not talk about the frogs baits that took top honors at the Icast show, well, I have 4 on order and when I get them in my hands, you will be the first know

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