Monday, April 2, 2012

Spro Baby Popper Frog.. small but mean!

There has been some serious hype, and a lot of chatter surrounding this, the newest addition to the Spro frog family, and after getting an up close and personal look, I can see why... it may be small.. but don't let the size fool ya, this is one mean frog.

Coming in at only 2inches in length the SBP is not your average popper frog. In typical Spro fashion the Baby Popper has a slim or narrow flat back profile, that allows it to sit well in the water.  I find this body type along with the proper weighting makes it harder for fish to knock over, or roll this frog. This means the body and more importantly the hooks are always in a good position, increasing your hook-up ratio.. and  speaking of hooks this baby is equipped with 1/0 gammakatsu's, so yeah this little frog packs a punch.

Spro is known for some great high quality color options, and this frog is no different. I love the Tropical white as it gives both fish an angler a good view of the frog from above and below.. Also in typical Spro fashion this little guy is angry, and even the most aggressive of bass can and will loose a staring contest.

(The money shot.. Spro's typical "angry eyes") 

As your reading this, you probably cant tell that Im not a huge fan of popper frogs, but it;s true, I rarely reach for one, and that is mainly due to my perception of how they move in the water.. typically a popper retrieve is slower then that of standard hollow body, but what I like about what I have seen from the Baby popper, is that the smaller mouth, although still a popper, can be fished faster then baits with larger or deeper mouths. This allows you to still walk and chug the frog at a decent pace. 

I really like to keep my frogs moving, whether that means small twitches or burning it home, it is important to me that I can move the frog at various speeds.. this is the case with the baby popper

(Aww how cute)

If I had only got my mitts on this frog a month or so back, I would have added it to my article on "Froglets" this even furthers the notion that there is a trend occuring and guys are looking to get an edge in any way they can, and sometime to get that edge you need to downsize.. the term "size does matter" does not always imply bigger is better.

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