Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dobyns Coaltion Weapon.. Pretty in Camo

You dont know how long I have been waiting to get my hands on this Dobyns Coalition rod. Since they are not currently being carried by any of the Canadian retailers (come on guys!),  I had to order this baby direct from Dobyns. But let me tell you, It was worth the wait, as I can quickly see this becoming a new favorite.

One look, and you can see that a lot of thought went into these bad boys, they truly are a thing of beauty from top to bottom, so why not treat them like the super model they are and do a little cat walk photo-shoot for you guys, check it out

The Dobyns Coalition Weapon seen here is sporting this Springs hottest look.. a  light camo pattern perfect for the dessert, forrest and lake alike, this repeating pattern looks stunning and will be the talk of the boys at the boat ramp.

Available in 8 sizes/configurations, you are sure to find the perfect fit.. the rod seen here is a 735c, a rod any angler can use a couple of.

If it is "bling" your after look no further then then these stunning Kigan rod guides, wrapped to perfection they are the perfect compliment to this (and any) rod deign.

Just like shoes cap off any good outfit, the butt of this rod ties in the whole Camo/Military concept with a great army green cap with the designers signature logo.. "DR", beware of knock-offs that are stamped with "RD" (Thats just Richard wanting to branch off on his own)

But in all seriousness, the Dobyns Coalition Weapon rod is a very cool addition to the Dobyns line up of Rods, it has all the characteristics that make a Dobyns Rod great... and it's camo. If you are sick of seeing bright Orange, Yellow and Purple rods on the water, head into action with a Dobyns Coalition, and those other guys wont even see ya coming.

PS: Dobyns Rods is a proud sponsor of the ABA (Army Bass Anglers) and the Coalition Weapons were design to help support them and their mission of "Support, Defend, Fish"

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