Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Ish Frog by Snag Proof.. Are You High ?

I must admit, when I first started to look at the Ish series frog by Snag Proof, I got a bit of a kick out of his naming choices, but then it started me to wondering? how many companies would let a high profile sponsored angler name a bunch of their products after the various types or street names for marijuana? .. not many I would guess.

well Snag Proof is showing that they are hip, cool and down with the times (insert sarcastic tone here), by letting their top tier pro angler Ish Monroe name his series of frogs whatever he likes.. even if those names can be directly linked to common drug references.. so if you have ever wondered about some of the crazy names for the frogs in the Ish signature series,, here is the low down.. with a little help from the "Urban Dictionary" and


1. Very potent, high-grade marijuana. Typically categorized by it's lack of seeds (sensimilia) and high concentrations of white or opaque crystals (trichromes)

Sticky Green: 

Another word for weed. Sticky Green is used by Biggie Smalls (in one of his songs, Going Back to Cali), Devin the Dude, The Smugglaz, and other hood rats

Purple Kush: 

Purple Kush is one of the 10 most powerful ganja strains in the world. It originated on the Northwest coast region of the U.S. Mainly in Humboldt county. California and Portland, Oregon. And up until the last 3 years it could mainly only be found in the region covering the southern cal up through Oregon,washington, and B.C.

Crystyl (or Crystal)

Crystal Marijuana is White widow crossed with Northern lights. You get a bushy plant with large sticky buds. The Crystal bud smell is a candy sweet aroma which adds to the good cerebral high. As the name suggests the buds are covered in THC glands. This gives an unusually clear buzz and a slightly delayed effect

Please dont get me wrong I'm not trying to start a battle or heated discussion about the use of drugs references in products, Im just having a little fun. I recently purchased an Ish Signature series frog and the names brought a smile to my face and made me laugh a bit.. ahh.. old high school memories. Overall I was just surprised that Snagg Proof approved the names, or maybe they just didnt catch on, or clue into some of the double or triple meanings. When all is said and done all that really matters is that this is a quality frog bait, and the names are not really hurting anyone... I just wouldn't recommend trying to smoke one of these frogs, plastic does not go down well at all 

P.S: and in case you still dont get that Im just joking around here, here is a disclaimer.. Not all Frogs in the Ish series are named after types of marijuana, some are named after terms that simply mean "getting drunk" or to be "flush with money, fame, power or girls, and some are just random song lyrics that mean little to nothing ( I dont know if this is helping or not).. but if you get a moment of free time, have some fun and play the "Ish Name game" and see if you can find the double and triple meanings behind some of these frogs names.. I bet Snag Proof couldnt

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