Thursday, March 29, 2012

El Grande Lures.. Sizes Does Matter

If you have ever laid your hands on the Gila Monster bait from El Grande Lures, you will quickly notice just how much they believe in their slogan "Size Does Matter", and in case you have never seen or fished with their products, you should also know that that they could just as easily change that slogan to "Quality does Matter" or "Service Does Matter", because this is one company who has all three of these  nailed down.

El Grande lures is an up and comer in the soft plastic bait market, they may not be widely known outside of the US, but those who use their products rarely forget them. I want to take a minute to introduce you to a pretty awesome line-up of baits and colors..

(Bama Bruise Color)

Go big or go home right? so lets start this off with the Gila Monster.. at just under 9"inches of length this King Lizard can rack up some seriously hungry fish. It's slender profile makes this beast a great bait to use while Carolina rigging or while pitching into the slop or other cover. It falls really well and that long tail stands up just long enough to ensure any on-lookers get a good eyeful, and hopefully a mouth full.

This is one serious bait, and if you dont plan on throwing it with a 6/0 or 7/0 hook, you better plan on missing a few fish. You can probably get away with a 5/0 but why try? This big bait is definitely worth your time and money. The color options are pretty sweet as well,  I recommend checking out the Bama-Bruise (close to red shad) and the Komodo. 

(Foxy Fred & Shiner Boom R Ang's)

Next up is the BoomRAng, a slightly different take on traditional jerkbait. The BRA is the brain child of Fred Roumbanis, and has a wicked forked tail, and some seriously sexy colors choices. Coming in at 6 inches on length this bait is can be fished multiple ways, including the traditional T-Rig, and Carolina rig.. Personally I think it will find some time on my Alabama Rig this season.. yes I said it!

The BoomRAng has some decent shoulders on it, and comes equipped with a belly slot and slight indentation across the back to protect the hook point. It swims really well and you could run this bait with anything from a 3/0 to 5/0 hook and still not effect the action at all.

As mentioned above I believe the color choices for this bait are one of it's biggest strengths, I love the Foxy Fred, the Shiner and Tilapia, but I think I could find a use for baby bass and shad too.. oh hell I think the entire color selection is worth a look

(Toad & Black/Yellow)

Now what kind of a Frog Fisherman would I be, if I didn't include the El Grande Sapo  in this list of goodies? The Sapo is a traditional Buzz frog, the second smallest bait in the El Grande arsenal this frog is just 4-inches in length. It has a deep hook slot on it's back and will accommodate up to a 5/0 hook with ease. the two out-turned feet churn some serious water and the legs are the right mix of soft yet firm so they give off a great motion in the water  yet still hold up to the abuse doled out by big fish attacking from cover.

With only 3 color choices there may not be allot to choose from, yet El Grande still managed to cover the spectrum. If I had to choose One, I would go with the Toad color, but my second choice would be the black/yellow.  To be honest, I own all three, but that's just me.

(Mardi Gras & Mississippi Mud)

so now on to a tung twister.. the Hatch Match Stick, or the Match Stick for short. This beefy little stick bait is slightly tapered at both ends with a wide scaly belly,  measuring in at  5.25 inches in length the Match Stick is a great skipping worm and also excels weighted and un-weighted while fished on a T-Rig.

For a guy who throws a wacky rig 80% of the time (while worm fishing) Im still working on the proper presentation when using the match stick wacky. It is not your traditionally shaped stick bait and Im still trying to get a feel for it in the water.

Like with the rest of the El Grande Lure arsenal the Match Stick comes in a pretty impressive array of colors, from two tone to some crazy three tone baits, you wont find a more unique color selection on the market today. If I was to name my top three I would have to recommend the Mardi Gras, the Blue Gill and the Mississippi Mud, three very different colors that should have you covered in any situation

(Green Pumpkin/Chartreuse Swirl, Blue Gill, RedBreast)

Im going to finish this article off with the product that drew me to El Grande and that is the El Grande Tube, a very high quality 4" tube bait with some seriously styling color options. I really can't get over the look of the blue gill and redbreast tubes. The site photo really does not do them justice, then need to be seen up close and personal. Before I even fished with them I placed a second order for a few more packs

What stands out even more then the colors is the quality, with a 1/4inch solid head and a thick yet pliable body these tubes will hold up well no matter how you fish'em.  But where this tube really excells is as a flipping tube, the slender profile and slight ribbing offers up a great presentation and a nice fall.  

Thats it, you have now seen El Grande's current product line, but only a small fraction of the colors that are available. If you liked what you see here, be sure to jump on-line and check out more. And if you are looking to keep up to-date on the new products and/or colors, be sure to check out their facebook page.. HERE, and click the like button

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