Saturday, April 28, 2012

2 Baits, 1 Reaction: WOW!, the Sebile Koolie Minnow and D&S Crank

(D&S Crank: Fire Tiger Gold)

I will start off by saying Im sorry, I know the quality of these pics (and video) are not good. But I was on the road and did not have my camera with me, so I had to make due with my Iphone camera.. and as you can tell Im still rocking an older model 3GS (crappy camera)

But I really wanted to share the cool new baits I came across while at my local tackle shop. The first in which is not exactly new.. The Sebile Koolie minnow has been around since 2008/2009, but Sebile baits are not exactly common in my neck of the woods, so this was the first time I was able to lay eyes on one. I was immediately blown away by the water transfer system found in the "possessed series" a High shimmer water solution moves extremely well inside the body of the bait, not only improving your casting distance but also helping give the bait is unique action and look. Speaking of which, this minnow has one of the coolest body shapes of any of the minnows I have seen on the market today, with it's Quasimoto hump back design and the flat belly, this minnow offers a very unique movement in the water. 

(Koole Minnow - PZ Natural Dk. Blue Back)

The second bait I came across is a new bait to the Sebile line, the D&S Crank (pictured at the top of this page) was introduced at ICAST 2011, and took home "best in show" in the hard bait category... And if you thought the Koolie minnow was unique, I bet you have never seen anything like the D&S crank. 

Look Ma' no trebles!

Thats right the D&S crank has replaced the front and back treble hooks with one floating EWG hook(or "gravity snag-less hook system") . The hook is attached the the body of the bait in a way that allows it to constantly stay in line with the the body of the bait no matter the retrieve,speed and thus lowering the risk of snags. When a fish hammers a D&S crank the gravity system helps set the hook for you by projecting upwards. This is one cool bait.  But only available in a deep diver (20-28ft) it is a bait that would see little action in my arsenal, so it stayed on the store shelf.

Not only did I take the two low quality images above, but I also took a really poor quality video (hey Im honest). So here is the first video in a new series entitled "Crappy Iphone Videos" 

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