Monday, April 23, 2012

Dobyns Savvy Microguide Rods.. The Debate rages on

If there is one topic that has been more heavily debated in the rod market then graphite vs. glass, it has to be  microguides vs. standard guides. And I think I have sat on the fence long enough, so now it is time to jump in the game. 

This past off season I ordered my first MicroGuide rod, a Dobyns Savvy SSM704, and let me tell you, I couldn't be happier. You know me, when I buy a new rod, I like to break it in, and take some pics and show it off to you guys.  This time, since there is so much hype and debate, I though we should also take a minute to touch on a few of the hot button topics behind MicroGuide rods

Debate Topic #1: MicroGuides are Lighter

Sure I can buy that argument, if you deconstructed a micro guide rod and the same rod with standard guides , then put the pieces in a blender until they were nothing but powder, and then you poured that powder onto a scale.. I bet you would find that the microguide rod was slightly less weight... 

but, hold these same two rods in your hands and actually fish with them, then tell me there is a difference, Im going to tell you that it is all in your head."Not that there is anything wrong with that".. As anglers we know that confidence in a product plays a big part in our success with certain equipment and if you believe a rod is lighter (no matter how much lighter) it will feel lighter in your hand and probably put less strain on your body after a day on the water.

By the way, Im in this category , when I got my shiny new Savvy rod and held it, I was like "damn" this rod is lighter. Is it all in my head? who knows and who cares really, all I know is the rod feels great.

Debate Topic #2: Micro Guides Help you cast further

Again, this isn't exactly a scientific test, but I have loaded up my two Savvy rods with the same reel, the same line and the same bait, and yeah, I noticed a difference in casting ability. Was it dramatic? no, but it doesn't have to be, because at times getting an extra foot of distance is the difference between hitting and missing a pocket, and maybe missing a fish.

Is the microguide a revolutionary rod that will change you from an  "off speed pitcher" into a world class "fastballer" (excuse the baseball reference), No, but when used with certain techniques I do think you will find that you are getting that little something extra on your casts. (again some guys would chalk this up to confidence)

These rods load up well, and when I needed to, I could really haul off and launch a plug for great distance. But, I found that the where this rod really excelled was in short accurate casts or pitches

Debate Topic #3: Braided Vs. Fluoro 

I spent some time and played around with both braided line and floro line, both of which moved fairly well through these small diameter guides. Being a braid guy (95% of the time) I would really like to sit here and tell you that microguide rods perform just as well on braid as they do with fluoro, but in all honestly I do feel that this rod performed better on my fluoro set-up. Again I am talking about one guy, one rod, but I felt that the fluoro slid very smoothly through the microguides and outperformed the braid on identical set-ups.

What did I do with this info?

Well after putting this rod through the ringer, I think that it's main use in my arsenal will be  running topwater baits, and jerkbaits. I will be pairing it up with a Daiwa Advantage reel and 10-12lb Sunline Super Sniper.  I feel that this combo and line should allow me to take advantage of the perks associated with microguide rods, and toss, flip and bomb these baits with the best of them. 

If you are stilling sitting on the fence when it comes to microguides, it is probably due to all the hype as well as the "he said/she said" that is going on in the Industry. All I can tell you is I went from a skeptic to a guy that loves his new rod.. will I starting selling off my rods and fill my arsenal with microguides.. No, but I can stand here and  recommend you give one a shot. This rod filled a hole in my arsenal, and it may do the same for you.. talk is cheap, put one in your hands then make a decision.

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