Saturday, April 7, 2012

Great Finds @ the BPS, Gagnons & Sail

Im on the road allot, traveling for fun, fishing and work, so I get to spend time visiting sports stores all over Ontario as well as a few other provinces. I think it is only fair that I share my finds with you, not all of these finds will be "rare" or "unusual" but they all will be cool baits that should help you chase down Bass of all sizes

Find #1: Trokar Tube Hooks

We all know about Lazer Trokar hooks, and love or hate'em we all seem to have an opinion. Personally Im still on the fence, my tournament partner he loves them and uses them almost exclusively, me, I weave a couple in here and there.

This season one Lazer Trokar product I will be adding to my arsenal is the new Tube hook

This is not your average tube hook, built with the same surgically sharp hook point  as all other Trokar products, the Tube hook also takes on some of the characteristics of the popular Trokar flipping hook (another product I use). This strange looking wide gap hook has an advanced bait keeper that holds the head of the tube perfectly in place and ensures it stays there.

Not to be confused with standard Tube jig heads, this is a flipping tube hook, and there is where it will excell. If you are use to fishing tubes a bit heavy, there is some room to add insert weihts (or scent). These hooks can be bought at most major retailers, i picked mine up at the Bass Pro Shop

Great find #2 on this trip through the Durham and GTA region is a very cool worm from Sebile Lures. The A.T worm (A.T stands for All-Terrain)  actually made me stop dead in my tracks, this very unique finesse worm is available in both sinking and floating models (so read the packs) and has a vey cool design that is 100% Sebile.

With a hollow V-shaped body cavity and a hollow split tail, this worm looks cool in the water and can be fished in many ways, including Texas rigged, carolina rigged and even on a swimbait hook. It is also deisgned to be fished in open water and cover, the worms body glides on the drop and would also be a great dock fishing worm. Pre-rigged with hook slots this bait is a complete no-brainer, and can be easily rigged properly by amature and pro alike.

This photo does not do this worm justice, be sure to check out the pics and illustraitions on the Sebile website found HERE

Again this was the first and only time I have laid eyes on the this worm (although I now know you can get it at a few of the big boy on-line retailers). If you are in the Oshawa area be sure to stop by Gagnons sports to check out this worm, you will be glad you did.

Find #3: PowerPro Super 8 Slick

Over the course of the past 6+ years, i have got my hands on a pretty extensive collection of braided lines, ive tried everything including FireLine, Suffix, SpiderWire, Spider Thread, Stren and more, but I always come back to PowerPro, to this day I have yet to find a stronger yet smoother line.

This year  PowerPro introduced Super 8 Slick, a softer rounded version of  traditional PowerPro line. You will notice the difference immediatly, this line truly feels like silk, yet has that same old powerpro strenght that we have grown to love... not avilable in the standard Moss green this new version comes in a great down and a higher vis green. (not sold on the green, but love the brown)

One thing to remember.. when you ask for silk, you pay for silk, and Super 8 Slick comes  with a hefty price increase (about $3 a spool more then the original Power Pro). I was lucky enought to come across it at the Sail Store in Oshawa and they had a great sale price of $19.99. (sorry guys I dont believe this is still the case)

Find #5 is a frog that I had never seen before, and better yet, I have never heard of it. So this is where you can really see my addiction/compulsion to frog fishing really kick in... nothing about this frog really grabbed me.. but I had never seen it before.. nothing about this frog made me think, "Oh, i know a great spot to throw this".. but I had never seen it before.. nothing about this frog made me say "wow thats a unique concept, or "thats a interesting color".. but again, I had never seen it before.. So I bought it.

Yep, thats how the mind works some times, and this little frog found its way into my arsenal, and will probably see very little water after it's initial use.. but you never know, and thats why I just had to have it, you dont know until you tired it.. maybe this frog has a super power Im not aware of yet

All in all my last trip thru Durahm and the GTA was loaded with some great finds, as I tell my wife, true fisherman can always find something they need to try or test out, that new product that may give them the edge over their buddies, so if you are in the area and have some time to kill, be sure to make the Gagnons, SAIL and Bass Pro Shop run, between the three,  you can find all you need.

P.S I didn't event touch on the reel pictured at the top of this post, that my friends is a Daiwa Advantage reel and it is quickly becoming one if not my favorite baitcasting reel. This little guy is built slightly larger then other low profile reels, but fits incredibly well in your hands, and still gives you the confidence of a much larger reel. Super smooth drag and some nice cranking power, make this reel a great all around baitcaster.. not to mention this baby comes in under $200... I bought mine at Gagnons, they were offering 20% off reel in Feb so I snapped up a couple for about $150.. thats a steal

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