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Frog Fishing Line Choices.. Braid, Braid or Braid?

When it comes to throwing frogs (hollow body of soft plastic) you really only have three line options to choose from.. Braid, Braid or Braid?... I dont know about you, but Im going with Braid!

Yes, I may be slightly sarcastic in that opening paragraph, but really, is there any other line option out there that excels in all areas of frog fishing as much as braided line? What other lines on the market offer you superior strength and small line diameters? if you are stumped, dont worry, we all are.

I dont really want to get into a debate here on what brand of line is the best, because as in all things fishing, we all have a personally preference.. Me I have been using PowerPro for years, but that has not stopped me from trying nearly every new braided Line that hits the market. Last year it was the rise of Suffix 832.. followed quickly by the fall of Suffix 832. This year I have my eye on three new braided Lines, and Im going to spend a moment giving you the low down on each.

Daiwa Samurai

this is a line I have been avoiding for a bit, as the price tag is higher on average then what I like to spend on a spool of braid. Coming in at around $27 this line can really make you flinch. That being said, once you get it on a spool, you quickly see what all the hype is about. 

Without a doubt Samurai is the smoothest line I have even put my hands on, it honestly feels like a very smooth silky piece of thread, and it moves like one too. Even at the 30lb mark this line falls like a limp noodle yet feels strong.  

I could spend the next three paragraphs repeating all the perks and claims that Daiwa has been promoting, but all you need to know is that this is a "super braid" an ultra thin, ultra strong line that will allow you to launch frogs a mile, and still pull hawgs out of thick cover.. any questions?

For frog fisherman this line is available in 30,40,55 and 70lb weights, you could get away with as low as 30 when throwing soft plastic swim frogs, but I would recommend the 40 and probably even the 50lb line when throwing hollow bodies. 

SunLine FX2

What? a line actually designed for frog fishing? You know a trend has hit its peek when rod, reel and line companies start to develop product specifically for that technique... watch for Berkley's new Umbrella Rig line, coming soon to a dealer near you!.. But in all seriousness, SunLine is a brand that has been slowly building a nice little following, and with the launch of their FX2 line back in 2011,  (backed by Dean Rojas) there is no where to go but up.

So, what makes FX2 the best line for frog fishing? Durability, castability and strength.. that was the focus. And I think they have achieved what they set out to accomplish. No FX2 does not have the silky smooth softness of Daiwa Samurai or Power Pro Super 8 Slick, honestly this line is more "rope" like then "thread" like, but I think that was part of the plan. This line instills confidence when used for power techniques, it looks, feels and acts tuff. Yet, due to it's tight weave and round shape, this line casts fairly well. 

Is this line perfect for all frog applications..No.. for me personally FX2 is a hollow body frog line. I bought two spools to test out this season, and was going to rig up both my hollow body rod as well as my swim  frog rod, but as soon as I felt the line, I knew it was not what I wanted when throwing swim/buzz frogs, I need a bit softer of a line, as these are the "finesse" baits in a frog fisherman's world

SunLine FX2 is a power line, and is only available in 50lb and 60lb weights. It is not readily available in all markets but I expect to see that change over the next couple seasons. If you have not yet had the change to give SunLine FX2 a try, I recommend you do

Power Pro Super 8 Slick

Now on to old faithful. Yes, like all lines Power Pro has it's supporters and those that despise it, but to this day I have not yet found a braid I was more happy with in various applications then Power Pro. They seem to have found the perfect balance between strength and softness. And with the launch of Super 8 Slick, they have taken it to the next level.

Although not as soft as Daiwa Samuarai, there is a noticeable difference between the S8S and standard Power Pro line. It has a softer silkier feel, yet still has the strength that Power Pro is known for. For frog fishing applications S8S is available in 30-65lb weights, and I think this line would excel for both hollow body and swim frogs, but If I was asked to choose one application, I believe this line would be best suited for swim/buzz frogs. 

A Pet Peeve of mine, is the constant change to color options, this  gets on my nerves a bit, as with most anglers, when I find something I like, i want to stick with it. Power Pro likes to add and remove colors on a fairly constant basis, and the introduction of S8S is no different, gone is the standard Green that Power Pro and lets face it, every-other Braid company is known for, in it's place a high vis green, along with the timber brown, a color similar to one that was discontinued a few years back. I would expect to see some changes to this but the 2013 season, as the standard green option will be missed.

The Break Down

So there you have it, three new(er) braids that you really need to check out... When my season kicks off  this year, I will be rigged up with (40lb) Power Pro Super Slick 8 on my swim & buzz frog rods, and with (50lb) SunLine FX2 on my hollow body rod... lets see if they are still there by seasons end!

P.S Although I like what I saw from the Samurai braid I found it to be the less useful of the three when it comes to frog fishing. If you are dead set on using Samurai I believe it would be of more use pitching t-rig baits or flipping tubes around docks. 

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