Tuesday, April 10, 2012

IMA..Walk tall & cast a Big Stik

I don't care who you are, there is just something exciting about tossing around large baits in search of  even bigger fish, and recently I could not pass up the opportunity to add a IMA "Big Stik" to my top water arsenal.

There is absolutely nothing small about this popper/stick bait. A 7 inch beast, that tips the scales at 1.75oz and is loaded with two 1/0 Owner SST trebles... you may be in search of largemouth bass, but don't be surprised if some local Musky or Pike come calling. and if they do, just know that this bait can handle them.

You have to give IMA some serious props here, they did not come to the table with just some big clunky bait, they made this baby right.. perfectly balanced with 8 internal chambers, each containing "loud as hell" ball bearings.. they advertise this as the loudest bait you have ever seen, and really I think anyone would have a hard time proving them wrong.

If the size and sound of the big stik doesn't have your attention yet, then you must be a "sight" guy. so for you... The Big Stik was designed for both salt and freshwater alike, and has a pretty impressive collection of colors (13 in all). I fell in love with the BlueGill color aright off the bat and may also add a clear version some time in the near future, both colors I feel will be largemouth slayers.

If you are still not sold, there is only one last thing to discuss, and that is motion in the water. This big mouth plug spits water with the best of them, and walks the dog better then Cesar Millan. The Big Stik's large body sways incredibly well in the water, and when paused the tail end of the baits hangs slightly below the surface of the water, giving fish a great look at the feathered back hook, and giving you a great hook-up ratio.

The guys at Tackle Tour did one of their famous "autopsies" on the big stick, if your not queazy check out a dismembered bait and see what these beasts are made of.

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