Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Jerkbait School.. Meet the IMA Flit

There are some pretty talented anglers on the water today, that swear by the jerkbait, and just slay fish with them on a pretty regular basis, personally for me it is a technique that is a work in progress, a part of my continuos learning or back to school program... and you know what the best part about learning a new technique is? it's buying the school supplies, and in this case that means new Baits.. IMA Flits to be exact.

With all the jerkbaits on the market today, how did I come to this discussion you may ask?, well the answer is easy, I read reviews, watched videos and talked to fellow anglers, and the last straw was an awesome smallie video by fellow Dobyns Pro Staffer Paul Meuller, within minutes of watching the video I had placed an order for 4 Flits (2 in the 100 series and 2 in the 120 series) I then shot Paul a short message letting him know that his video just cost me some money. (and maybe some time on the sofa when my wife see the bill)

If you have yet to check out Paul's video it s on the bottom of this post, and is well worth a watch, just hide your wallet

(Ghost Tennessee Shad & Bone)

Ok, now back to the baits. it is no secret that Im a pretty big fan of IMA lures, I use their square-bills, the Skimmer, the Big Stick and the Roumba, and now you can add the Flit to that list. This sweet little jerk-bait comes equipped with all the perks you would expect from a high end jerkbait, and a few surprises.

Lets Start off with the Flit 100..

Coming in at just a hair under 4 inches in the length the Flit 100 sports a pair of sticky sharp #6 Owner hooks, and weighs in at 3/8oz... before you ask, yes the Flit is a suspending jerkbait that faces nose down when paused... thats jerkabit 101..  But unlike other baits in the same category, the Flit 100 was designed with two secret talents that really add to it' appeal

First off the wide back, square sides and narrow belly not only give the Flit it's erratic movement in the water, but it also helps to angle the baits flash downward.. this is the direction in which most predator fish will be attacking the bait, so why not exploit it?

The second secret that the Flit 100 hides is it's great raised scale pattern, and light holographic touch. You can see both of these traits in the above image. These may seem like small additions, but they really give the bait a realistic finish and when you combine that with the Flits motion in the water, no fish is safe.

(Ghost Minnow & Matte BlueGill)

The Flit 120 is really just the big brother to the 100 series. It has an additional 3/4 inches of length and of course one extra  #6 Owner treble.  The Flit 120 fishes deeper then it's little brother and can and will reach depths of about 6ft (rated between 3-6ft). It has the same great shape as the 100, but you do loose the raised scale pattern on the baits sides.. don't ask me why.

Even thought these two brothers have their differences they do share some family traits, we already talked about the external body shape, so lets now look at the inside. The Flit family is designed with internal triangle compartments that help to better control and bolster the sound given off by the collection of tiny ball bearings hidden inside. Not only does the triangle design keep things moving in there, but it also makes it harder for the ball bearings to jam, thus effecting the sound of the bait in the water.

(Top: Flit 120 Matte Blue Gill    Bottom: Flit 100 Bone)

If your looking to add a couple jerkbaits to your arsenal, I dont think you can go wrong with the IMA Flit. This bait is designed well for a beginner (like me) and  a pro alike, it is nearly impossible to fish wrong, and the slender body and tight erratic action, mean you can fish this bait all day long without wearing down your arms and back. it is available in an awesome array of 15 color and with the two sizes you should be able to fish this jerkbait in any condition. .. Dont take it from me, Im just a beginner.. take it from Paul..

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