Thursday, March 28, 2013

2013 The Year of the Jig

This is sort of a late in the year (although pre-season) New Years Resolution. I figured why make one that I know I will just break (like eating healthier or exercising). So instead, going forward I will give each year its own specific technique and focus that year at getting better and improving that technique.

This year (2013), I have decided to focus my attention on jig fishing, a technique that has been bringing in big bags of fish and fat cheques for years now, but is a technique that has always seemed to allude me. Don't get me wrong, it is not that I'm not set up to jig fish, on the contrary I have what many would consider a pretty solid collection of Jigs and trailers (including Black Angel Jigs, The Perfect Jig, Booyah Jigs and more) , but the technique itself  just did little for me and thus my confidence waned.

So this year, in a bid to boost my confidence I will be spending time on each (non-tournament) outing getting in some jig fishing practise. Not to over do it, I will focus on a few select areas of jig fishing that I feel best suit my skills and focus on them

1) Finesse Jigs

Many guys see finesse jigs as kind of cop-out, but to me it is still a totally new techniques that requires a different kind of patience and

Gear: Dobyns DX743c is thee perfect rod for finesse Jig fishing, I know, I know, not many of us get down into 3" power rods, but believe me, I think you will be very surprised on how well this baby handles a finesse Jig.. I do have to give credit where credit is due, I was turned onto this rod by FLW Pro Angler (Guide and TV host) Tom Reddington,  who put it to good use at the FLW Lewis Smith Lake event recently.

I will be pairing my DX743 with a Daiwa Lexa 100 model reel  Im really digging the compact size of this little powerhouse and I think when spooled with 5lb-8lb fluorocarbon it will be the ultimate finesse combo.

Jigs & Trailers: A few seasons back I fell in love with the finesse Jig made by Black Angel Jigs, it is a nice compact 5/16oz jig that is available in 14 colors. What Black Angel does that I really like is all of their jigs come with what they call a "tail enhancer", really what it is are some extra long skirt strands that act like an antenna in the water and really add some additional action. For Chunks or trailers on these jigs, I have been using the Tiny or Baby version of the Paca Craw by NetBait, and although happy with it, this year I have added  the V&M Mudbug to my arsenal. Both of these are great compact trailers that will allow you to keep that smaller finesse jig profile, but still be seen and heard.

2) Flipping/Swim Jigs

I already spend a good deal of time flipping baits in around docks, seedbeds, timber and various other structure, so this year I will be cutting off those flipping baits and tying on a jig, whether it means swimming jigs over or through grass, or pitching jigs into a submerged Forrest

Gear: For this I will be switching back and forth between 3 rods.. for the most part a Dobyns 734c will get the job done every day of the week, but at times when fishing nasty cover or when  the size of the jig dictates I will jump up to a 735c (not my champ as it always  has a frog tied on, but I do keep a spare 735 in the collation series that is my jig rod). Lastly the DX795 is very sensitive yet stout rod that gives you the best of both worlds, I like to use it when throwing heavier grass jigs, or football jigs.

For a reel, I will be breaking in my Daiwa Lexa300 as well as the old standby Dawia Advantage reels. These are both workhorse reels with great drag and pick-up.

Jigs & Trailers: My swim jig arsenal is really a bit of a hodge podge, I carry the swim and stand-up jig by The Perfect Jig, The Combat Flipping Jig and Grass Bomb by Black Angel, as well as a mix of Booyah and Buckeye jigs that I have picked up over the years.. for the most part I stick to throwing 1/2 jigs and in some pretty basic colours (Black or shades there of) with the odd highlights. When it comes to trailers I'm a pretty simple guy, for my money Zoom Baits chunks can be counted on for the perfect bare bones trailer.. no matter if it is the Super Chunk, the Big Salty, The Swimming Chunk, the Ultra Vibe or even the twin tail.. they are all quality products at a reasonable price.. If I want to step it up a bit, I also carry with me The Strike King Rage Tail chunk and this year I will be adding the Perfect Jigs standard size Chunk, they are big and meaty and really give your jig a profile boost.

3) Bladed Jigs

This is a last minute add to my plan for this summer, based mostly on conversations that I have had with fellow Dobyns Rods team members. The bladed jig has it's popularity cycles and I believe that it has not been used to its full potential in Canadian waters (even more so in my area). I will be grabbing a few bladed jigs shortly to add them to my arsenal and hope to get some use out of them (and hook into some nice fish)

Gear: For this technique I'm told there is not better rod on the market then the Dobyns 734c, and since I have never fished them, who am I to argue? I will be pairing up my 724c with a Dawia Advantage reel, and hopefully I can slay some monsters with this fabled jig.

The Wrap-Up

So there you have it, 2013 will officially be the "year of the Jig" for me, and I will do all in my power to gain confidence in this presentation while hopefully catching a whack of fish in the process. I wont be along, some long time angling buddies will help and coach me along the way.. Bass season can come quick enough!

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