Friday, March 1, 2013

New Sponsor: Welcome New Roads Automotive Group

Well it looks like 2013 is shaping up to be an exciting year for Dustin and I, both on and off the tournament trail, and although this has been on the down-low for a few weeks now, I'm proud that I can finally announce that we have have joined forces with New Roads Automotive Group out of Newmarket,Ontario to create "The New Roads Fishing Team"
I cant take the credit for this venture,  Dustin and the team at New Roads have been hard at work over the past few months putting this partnership together and finalizing all the small details.  Like Dustin I'm proud to join forces with New Roads (after all they are a group of fisherman at heart), and I look forward to sharing our fishing season with them and there fans/friends on Facebook and Twitter (you can check out there Facebook page HERE)

As part of the New Roads Fishing Team Dustin and I will be travelling all over the Quinte Region,Bancroft,Durham, the GTA and anywhere else we can wet a line showing off Dustin's New Roads Tahoe and Ranger boat all decked out in our New Roads Fishing Team colours.  As always we will be sporting those  Orange Dobyns Tournament Jerseys,(makes us hard to miss) So If you happen to see the New Roads Fishing team logo out on the water, but sure to stop and lets talk fishing (or cars) 

Again we want to thank New Roads Automotive for their support this coming season. Not many companies are so willing to support local anglers, and when one does we need to make sure they are recognized for it. So please check out New Roads Facebook and Twitter pages and thank them for us by hitting the "Like" button.. You will also be able to follow the exploits of Dustin and I all summer long via these pages as well as here and the Bass Junkies Fishing Addiction page

Stay tuned for an updated picture of the Tahoe and Boat with their all new "New Roads Fishing Team" logo’s!

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This partnership came together all due to the amazing experience Dustin had when purchasing his Tahoe from New Roads. Below is a short testimonial explaining the process:

"In 2012 I purchased my brand new Chevrolet Tahoe from them, and as every one out there knows, that you spend as much time in a vehicle travelling from fishing hole to fishing hole and you need something reliable.
During my purchase experience I was on a tight schedule between work, and getting ready for a upcoming fishing event and needed the vehicle purchase to be done quick.

When I went into the showroom I was greeted with Jason Stewart(salesman) who provided me all the details of the vehicles I was looking at.  I found all the staff there treated you as you have been a life long customer regardless of who you were.  As I walked in there on a Monday, the vehicle deal was done on a Tuesday, and I picked it up Friday ready for the weekend.
Because the service was so good my parents also recently just purchased there vehicle from them as well and they live 3 hours away from the dealership and everything was done over the phone.  So how can ya complain about any service like that!"

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