Monday, April 1, 2013

The Bass Geek - Part 1: Knot Tying Practise

This could just as easily been Part 4 in my "How to keep busy in the off season series" as it is a sure fire way to cut through cabin fever. But instead I'm starting a new single cell comic style post called "The Bass Geek" series. This will include a list of idiosyncrasy's that ring true to all us Bass Geeks out there...the things that bring out out inner Bass Geek. I will do my best to avoid the often plagiarized Jeff Foxworthy and his " you know your a Bass Geek when" but I'm not making any promises.

noun - slang

1. An expert or enthusiast (a term of pride)
2. A person who is pre-occupied or knowledgeable about Bass Fishing
3.  A person prone to spending a Saturday afternoon practising their knot tying ability (not be be confused with a Boy Scout)

How to become a Bass Geek Part 1:

During your down time (down time is defined as "non-fishing time" please feel free to practise at work or in bed) spend a few hours practising knots that you have yet to master. This can be easily achieved by following these 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Select a reference guide, there are many websites, magazine articles and phone apps that will walk you though the step by step of all fishing related knots, pick one that works best for you and keep it handy (a start and stop video version is what I find the most helpful)

Step 2: Grab a few half empty or filler spools of line (if you don't have any laying around, then you really have no chance of being a Bass Geek so stop now). It is very important that you practise with the line you will be actually using on the water to tie the knot in question, there is no sense practising with braid if you will be fishing with mono

Step 3: Choose 6 to 10 Hooks to practise on. Like with the line it is important to practise on the style of hook you will actually be using. If you are practising a "Snell knot" for punching yet are using an octopus hook then you will have issues on the water getting the perfect knot

Step 4: Practise.. this means tying knot after knot until you can achieve it 5 times or more without the use of the video aid.

Tip: In order to get the hang of a knot you will need more then one practise session, especially if that session is in March and you don't use the knot on the water until June, so make time to practise your knots monthly or atleast close to a trip, and hopefully without the aid of the video or app.

There you have it, part 1 of how to become a Bass Geek. You are now well on your way to pocket protectors (for hooks of course) and tape between the lenses of your polarized glasses (Numa's of course)

Stay tuned for Part 2.. turning your backyard deck into a dock!

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