Friday, March 15, 2013

Ice fishing with Berkley NanoFil

If you have been reading this blog with any regularity then you may remember my not so friendly review of Berkley's NanoFil line (found HERE). Since that time it has grown on me a bit more, and I have found the odd use for it (less scathing review found HERE) but this year I think I may have had a breakthrough.. NanoFil on Ice?

It surprises me that it took me as long as it did to spool up one of my ice rods with Berkley Nanofil. The smooth plastic or wax like texture  makes it a no-brainer for ice fishing, not only will it hold way less water then standard braids (which means less freeze up), but it also seems to have a decent drop rate, a must when fishing small jigs in deep water.

So far I have stuck with it for panfish only (crappie, perch and gills), like with all my braids I do use a short 1-2ft leader, so this bright white line is not as much as a concern as it would be if tying on direct.. that being said I often use the neon orange ice braid that suffix produces so how bad can whit really be?

The price is still a concern, and as in the past I recommend working with the smaller diameter versions as the stronger you go the stiffer and more like "fire line crystal" it will get

As for strength it seems to hold up pretty well on the ice, I have had no concerns pulling up decent sized pan-fish from depths of 20ft and more and the wear from the edge of the ice hole is minimal to non-existent. Knot tying can still be a bit of a pain, and with cold finders on the ice it will be even worse, but once you get use to taking your time and checking the knot all will be ok.

Am I saying the Berkley NanoFil is the next great ice-line? No, but if you are like me and have a couple spools lying around that you know wont get used on the soft water, then hey, spool up an ice rod, and see how well it performs.. i think you may be surprised, I know I was

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