Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring is Here!.. Baseball, BBQ's and Crappie Fishing

That's right, Spring is officially here, and although Bass Season (in Ontario) is still months away, I  officially have "spring fishing fever"

Spring for me, means crappie fishing, and plenty of it. As of March 21st, the trunk of my car becomes a storage locker for Crappie rods and gear, and each day on my lunch break or on my way home from work I begin the process of stopping to make a few casts at my favourite crappie hole. A few casts is all it will take, if they are there, you can quickly fill a bucket, and if there not, oh well at least you got to cast and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Spring all so means that my early May Bass trip to Lake Erie (NY) is just around the corner, it means it is time to start re-spooling rods and loading up on gear before most fisherman are even done prepping for the walleye opener

Pike, Walleye and Trout are also on the radar for Spring fisherman, it is amazing the watch the back roads and streams line-up with anglers looking for that spring trout run. In my home town in Peterborough On, 10,000 kids will sign up and fish in the annual GreenWing trout Derby.. yes 10,000

Outside of fishing, Spring means Baseball and BBQ season are also in full swing, there is nothing better then watching you team hit the field while holding a BBQ'd jumbo hotdog (and probably a beer)

So I say "Welcome to spring"  and I will see ya on the water

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