Monday, March 4, 2013

Dustin's Corner: Ardent Rod Kleen Cleaner

I know its been awhile since I have put a post out there. Its been a hectic winter for me at my day job, as well training, but as that slows down, I will be putting out more posts of my 2012 year, and upcoming events for 2013 
and I have been working hard at a few things-soon to come (insert wink here)

Following up on BassJunky's article on rod storage and maintenance I though I would share a review of a stellar cleaning product sold under the Ardent banner... check it out


So at the end of every year of fishing, putting everything through the abuse,weather,storage, and everything else that gets thrown at them. Our hardest working tool while on the water is probably our fishing rods, next to our fishing reels. Its amazing to see how the rods of today take such stress and elements, but they always hold up with a little TLC.

Ardent Rod Kleen Cleaner is a superior cleaner and corrosion inhibitor for use with all fishing tackle. Use to remove build-up on all parts of rods and reels. Spray on all type of rods and reels, and then lightly wipe down after returning from your trip to help prevent moisture and salt build-up that can be a major cause of corrosion. Rod Kleen will have no adverse effects on line and/ or composite material on your equipment.

I recently gave Rod Kleen a test run, this is a before picture of my rod after a years worth of  abuse on and off the water!

After applying the Ardent Rod Kleener and giving it a quick wipe down, this is what the after shot looks like.. 

So there you have it, we clean our house,vehicles, and everything else, but sometimes we over look our fishing stuff which also needs to be taken care of, so you can still land the big one that always seems to get away!

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