Thursday, June 30, 2011

Up close & personal with: The Worlds Best Bass Frog

You need to be pretty sure about your product before you name it “Worlds Best”.  So I will be honest when I came across Ken Dauberts frog named ‘Worlds Best Bass Frog” I was a little skeptical.  But being a frog loving fool I had to take the plunge and try one my self.   

Since my fingers are already hurting from the thought of typing “worlds best bass frog” over and over again, from now on we will call it the WBBF.   

WBBF’s can be found and purchased on various fishing sites, none that most of you will have heard of before today (Strike 1 against the ‘Worlds Best Claim”). I purchased my frog from (they offered a special to provided an extra pack of frog hooks with my purchase)   

The frogs arrived fairly quickly and I was able to give them a up close and personal once over.  Here are my thoughts…   

Quality & Design:   

The Design of the WBBF is similar to a older frog body designs but not to anything currently on the market. It is made up of a high density foam that is soft enough that it has some give when the fish takes it in it’s mouth, but firm enough that it will hold up to some abuse (Toothy critters may cause some damage). Due to the design of the bait and material used this frog floats well and if by chance a fish (or snag) breaks you off, you should still be able to retrieve the frog.

The legs (also known as Mega foot hotlegs) are highly flexible and have some stretch to them; the material is thick enough that it should not rip while battling a fish.  They are easily exchangeable and are a much better product in person then when viewing it on the website.  (see video below)

The Hook provided is very similar to the the hook used with the banjo minnow. They have some strength and use the same rubber band style weed-guard. The biggest complaint i have heard about this frog is the hook up ratio. Hook placement is not ideal and the fish will really have to swallow this frog if you want to get a hook in it

Options & Price: 

There are a few series of WBBF, the clone is the entry level series, it comes in 6 color options and will cost you about $10 a frog.  The paint jobs on the close series are pretty good, I own both the leopard and Bull frog version. With each frog you will receive 1 hook as well as a whack of rubber bands to run the bait weedless.  In my opinion 1 hook is not enough for this bait and 2 if not 3 hooks should be included for the price being charged.  (You can buy additional hooks in 3 packs for $4).  

The Designer or replica series is a thing of beauty but comes in at $35 a frog, this is not for the faint of heart and more of a showpiece in my opinion. That being said they are extremely well done and would look great on your shelf    


 There are a ton of videos on line showing the WBBF in action. It seems like a pretty straightforward bait that can easily be pulled or swam back to the boat. It appears to sit well in the water and mimics a frogs body and motion. I think like other baits (the banjo minnow) a learned technique will improve your catch ratio, but don’t expect to go out there and catch fish on every cast.  

Keep in mind this is a product review of the product out of water. I have yet to fish with it, and I’m giving my opinion on the bait as I see and feel it. Like most fisherman I have fallen victim to lures that caught way more fisherman then fish them shelves… the flying Lure and banjo minnow to name a few. Only time will tell if the “Wolds best bass frog” will join these two lures in my hall shame. I beleive naming this bait the WBBF is a long shot, not only is this not the best frog on the market today, but it is not even the best from in my tackle bag… but if you are a frog Junky like me, be sure to give one a try,  at the very least they are a cool addition to your frog collection.

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