Saturday, July 2, 2011

Frog Fishing with Friends.. My Dobyns 735C and Live Tagrets Hollow Bodied Frog

What better way to celebrate Canada Day and the 4th of July then spending some time on the water fishing. Even better then that.. "frog fishing"

Recently I have added some Dobyns rods to my arsenal and one rod that I had been dying to break in was the 735C, a baitscasting rod that is perfect for throwing frogs. Today I paired the 735c up with one of Live Targets new Hollow bodied frogs, I picvked up a few of these in the off season and have been waiting to thorw them around.

The Day:

I hit the water this morning just befor 9am, the sky was clear and the temps were already up over 20. I headed right for a favourite spot of mine that looked pretty much un touched even though there was havey traffic on the lake today. In the first 30 minutes I have already managed 4x blow-ups.. all missed.. I chalked it up to me beeing a little rusty and continuted to throw for another 20 minutes without a sniff.

I moved on to spot #2, this spot was covered in line marks all throught he slop and I ccould see that parts of it had been beaten up (fish holes) but other parts looked untouched.

I worked the entire area with the frog and was quickly underfire, the first blow-up resulted in a nice 3lb largemouth and that was followed-up by a  pair of 2lbers.

each area I worked produced fish.. agressive fish.. I started to think about the first spot i hit today and began to wonder if it was rust that made me miss the 4 fish, or if the fish were just not aggressivly hitting the frog. I made a mental note to head back that way before leaving for the day to see if more sun/heat would turn the fish on. By the time I left spot #2 I had landed 5 nice frog fish

Around noon I  headed back to the spot in wich my day began. Almost immediatly I had my first blow-up and fish. The first was followed by a second, a third and a fourth. There was a drastic change in the 2.5 hours since I had left this spot initially.. was it confidence or was there a change in the way the fish were taking the frog.. I think a little of both.

My 4th and final stop of the day was a heavily padded section close to the launch. I love fishing this spot as routinely you will see the wake as a fish cahses down your frog. Spot number 4 was productive adding 2 more fish to my tally.

All in all it was a great yet strange day on the water, a few missed fish to start the day off, and for the life of my I could not get a fish to take a follow-up bait. The high skies and warm weather played in my favour.

Equipement Breakdown

The Dobyns 735c is the ultiamte frog fishing rod, I was able to cast the small Live Target frog a mile reaching sportst that had yet to see a bait today. The soft tip allowed me to place the frog whereever I wanted and the backbone easily bullied the bass from the slop. As for the frog, these live target frogs have great motion in the water and sit really low on the pause, the tail end is down similar to a popper and this I beleive helps with hook-up ration. It took a beating today but still looks out of the package new

The Final Score:



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