Thursday, June 23, 2011

Police Officer Shot - a Husband, a Father & a Friend

This is a fishing blog.. and I promised myself that I would keep it a fishing blog.  But yesterday and incident occurred that rocked my families world and I had to share it

My brother in law is a Police officer in Peterborough, Ontario, he has been on the force for 7 years, he loves his job, and I can honestly say he was born to be a Police officer.  While on duty yesterday he was shot three times during a raid on drug house in a small Ontario town. He was airlifted to a major hospital in Toronto where his condition was upgraded from "critical" to "guarded". My sister was rushed to side with a Police escort and she was able to be there to support him while he endured what must have been a very painful and very scary ordeal.

I spend the afternoon waiting by the phone.. Im proud to say I have many friends that serve on various Police forces and they were kind enough to provide me with updates as the day went on. The mood lightened as I got word that he would be ok.. he was sitting up, joking and trying to laugh (hard to laugh with 3 shattered ribs).

Late last night I received final word from my family on his injuries. He has been left with some bullet fragments in his shoulder, some possible nerve damage to his hand, and three shattered ribs (as mentioned above).. but he will be ok.. and to a family man with 2 young children and a foster child.. is there anything more important then that?

The next time you pass a cop on the street or are handed a ticket, but sure to take a moment to thank them for what they do. Not many of us are willing to put our lives on the line on a daily basis.  These guys (and gals) never know what is around the next corner but still go to work every day for us.

Out of respect for Keith and my sister I will not include the photo of him on the stretcher that the press is using, they dont need to be reminded of that image.. instead I wanted to include something to show who keith is.. a police officer, a husband and a father and a friend

get well soon

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  1. Nice post. I'm glad he's going to be OK. My thanks to him and other police officers for what they do as well.