Friday, June 10, 2011

Living Rubber Mop Jigs are Mopping up the competition

Mop jigs have been on the market and anglers radars for a few seasons now. These bulky wide bodied hand tied jigs made primarily of living rubber have been winning tournaments and adding a new dimension to a jig fisherman’s  arsenal. Living rubber lives up to its name and makes your jig move in the water with no action required from the angler, it takes longer to settle when sitting on the bottom and produces a slow fall action as well as some bubbles in the water  

Here are three Living  rubber jigs that any jig fisherman should have in his back pocket   

1)      Buckeye Mop Jig
The Mop jig by buckeye is really the founding father of the Mop jig or living rubber jig.  Rumour has it the phrase Mop jig was coined by KVD when he saw Davy Hite using it and said “that think looks like a mop head” or something similar. Buckeyes mop jig comes with a standard swim style head or a foot ball head. It is equipped with a double rattle a mustad hook.  The Mop jigs stands up well in the water and the living rubber takes time to settle giving the jigs a great motion in the water. Available in 9 colors and 4 weight sizes, you can pretty much find a mop jig for any situation 

2)      Booyah Alton Jones A-Jig 
This was the first living rubber jig I purchased. I’m a fan of Booyah products and of Alton Jones, so it was a no brainer to give this Jig a try. Like the mop jig the this jig is made of living rubber with some silicone accents to add color. It is hand tied and comes equipped with a 5/0 hook. The living rubber strands are thicker then those used on the buckeye jig and may give the bait a fuller look. It is only available in the swim style head, but comes in 6 color options and 3 weight choices. Like all Booyah jigs it is a quality product .

3)      Shibui Ookii Living Rubber by Talons 
In my opinion this is the most unique living rubber jig on the market. It is a huge jigs with extra long skirt and contains both living rubber as well as silicone. Unlike other living rubber jigs this one is designed to also stand up, the living rubber strands never settle back down and are always in motion. You really have to see this jig in action to believe the profile. (see video below) This jig comes in 8 colors and 2 weight sizes. It has a larger head and is wrapped with copper wire to ensure the heavy skirt cane stay in place. 

You really can’t go wrong with any of these three jigs, and I recommend giving a few of them a try. You definitely  want to test out the Shibui Ooki  i have not seen much that can move like this jig in the water

here is a small kitchen made video to show this jig in motion

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