Thursday, June 2, 2011

The case of the Mysterious Transporter frog by Paycheck

As any one who has read some of my other blogs can easily tell, Im one frog loving fisherman. There is nothing I enjoy more then throwing a frog, watching an eruption and then dragging heavy fish out of even heavier slop... That being said a close second would be buying and testing new frog baits. Each season the frog market grows with newer and cooler products hitting the shelf..(and some not so cool)

This season I have already added a few new frogs to my arsenal, including the Spro King Daddy, a pair of Live Target Hollow Bodies, the Scum Frog dog walker, (and some hard body LIve Target walkers) but nothing could prepare me for the "Transporter frog" by Paycheck.

Who are they kidding, calling this bait a frog, other then the traditional hollow body and some long leg strands there is not much "froggy" about this bait. The long slender body with a set of legs and a smaller set of arms it looks more like a mythical creature then a frog. With legs, arms and a popper, this "frog" (and I use the term loosely) is a multi weapon tool that allows you to walk the dog, slow drag and pop it.

Although Im not a fan of popping hollow bodies, I do like to have the ability to walk the dog and with the short arms it may help cause comotion and to draw out your retrieve while dragging over the pads. The Transporter's body is balanced to lay flat and give the bait a large profile in the water. Personally I do like the hind end of a frog bait to sit a bit in the water, so this is a downfall ton this bait. The long body sitting up in the water column may hinder your hook-up ratio.

Paycheck has run the frog with some pretty cool color options, Even a sexy shad version. I do find the Belly colors are pretty standard, and I would not mind seeing a bit brighter colors available on the belly's. I went with the all white model to make it easy to see above and below the waterline. If you have not seen these up close and personal, they are worth a look. Im interested in seeing if the results transport some tournament cash into my pockets

To learn more check them out at
these look to be popular baits, at the time of this posting all frogs are sold out

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