Monday, June 6, 2011

Allot of noise about a silent bait - KVD Square Bill

With the introduction of Strike Kings KVD square bill this season, there has been an awful lot of talk about this quiet little bait

I guess it did not hurt the Kevin Van Dam won the 2011 Bass Master Classic throwing this crank, but still is it all hype? Or is there something to this move to silence?

I wont claim to be extremely knowledgably when it comes to the perfect crank bait, but ever since I first asked the question “what makes a good crank bait?” One of the first responses iI always get is "noise!" They are loud and obnoxious, the make the bass angry and bully them into biting. Many companies are competing to make the loudest crank, (see Rapala Clack'n lures) so what made Strike King and KVD want to make the quietest crank?

Well as the saying goes “silence is golden”. A Silent crank such as the KVD square bill is great for sneaking up on shallow bass or surprising fish on those high pressured lakes . Fish get use to those loud rattles passing all day and if you want to entice them into biting you may have to show them something a little differen, wether that means wobble or noise, a little change is a good thing.

Maybe this is the start of a reversal of the rattle effect, years ago we started added more and more rattle to entice the fish and show them something different, now as they got use to our rattles, we are headed in the opposite direction and getting quieter and quieter.. It is kind of a yo-yo effect, what’s old is new and vice versa.

All joking aside like all KVD products the HC silent crank is a quality bait. Well made with a great finish, and decent hooks (although I find it funny that KVD changes out the hooks on his KVD designed Crank to KVD model hooks.. confused yet?). This bait has great motions in the water and gets to where it needs to be quick. I have made some room in my already crowded crank bait box for one of these and I’m looking forward to sneaking up on some bass this season with it.

Strike King KVD Square bill cranks can be found at most magor retailers on-line or at your local bait shop (if they are not already sold out.. KVD has that effect on baits). It comes in two sized a 1.5inch and a 2.5inch, both baits run from 3-6ft. These cranks are available in over 10 colors including Kevin's popular Sexy Shad color. On average these cranks are priced from $5-$6 a bait

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