Wednesday, June 8, 2011

There's an advantage to Outdoor Advantage Lures

While surfing a fishing board a week or so back ( I came across a link for a company called “Outdoor Advantage Lures”. They are a mom & pop shop operation out of Illinois that is making tournament quality baits without the tournament quality price tag.
I was very impressed by the bait selection offered on their website as well as the cool color options available. Almost immediately I started filling up my shopping chart with a few baits that I just had to have. When i got to the check-out I was highly disappointed that the site did not allow me to ship my order into Canada. But because I was so interested in this product I dropped the company and line to see if they were willing to send some baits my way. Sure enough I got a quick response and they were happy to help me out. I placed my order via email and they send me a paypal money request, done and done... about a week later the baits are in my hand as I type... happy, yes I am.

Company Info:As mentioned above Outdoor advantage run out of Illinois and has been making quality baits since 2008. They specialize in hand poured plastic, you can buy right off the shelf or you can place special orders.. yes, Im talking about plastic baits made to order.
When you place an order with Outdoor Advantage lures, not only do you have a great color selection but they also offer a good selection of scents (anise, garlic, crawfish, earthworm, coffee, and more) and . Since you baits are made to order, you can also choose your scent of choice (Anise in case you’re wondering). (This added little or no time to the order I placed with them)


The website is user friendly and easy to use. They have a good base of baits available with a great color selection ( i think I said that already). The cool chart is helpful, it is not a small color swatch but a bait actually completed in the color you are looking at. I used it to choose all the colors I ordered. They have a featured section as well as a best sellers areas.. for my money head straight to the special order section, great concept and well executed
PayPal is available and those that know me know that thats a must. For Canadian customer as previously discussed you will have to email them to place an order, the site is not currently set-up to ship up north.


Here is where it gets good, and I don’t know why Im even sharing this with you guys.. Outdoor Advantage currently has 25 soft plastic bait variations.. Im not gonna name them all, so be sure to check out there site to see what they have. I will discuss the baits that caught my eye and made me place my order..

3” Chunk Craw - My goal this season is to throw jigs till I just cant throw no more, and these chunks are the perfect compact size, but till offer great motion in the water. Wide wings (claws) with a slight lip with give the bass fits. I picked these up in 3 color options (Copper Head, Spicy Shad & Brown Pumpkin w/blue).

3.5” Boss Frog - Im a frog lover and buy up every model I see. The boss frog has a firm body and fairly thick kicking or swimming legs.It is built with a nice slot to hold the hook in place and appears durable enough to hold up to a few fish. (i bought the frog in Copperhead)

Tip: Although I did not order any, Outdoor advantage has a cool option allowing you to “Go Green”, Green or recycled plastics are used to make the green series of frogs, the use a mix of plastics from other baits so you don’t get a color choice, but you will get a one of a kind “green” frog

The 4.2” Advantage Bug XTL is a very cool looking flipping bait. The body texture makes this bait stand out more then any other feature and the arms and legs ( i guess you can call them arms and legs?) are compact enough to slide through cover while still giving the bait a nice profile. When I saw the road kill color on the site I knew it would be perfect for this bait.

Customer Service:

As mentioned above the customer service has been great, they have been very friendly and helpfull in placing my first order with them, and placing an order that their system was not set-up to take in the first place. My order shipped and arrived fast (and correct) and as an added bonus I was provided 4 samples of other baits made by outdoor advantage.. this is a great idea, one of the samples provided is of their 3’ stick bait, this is something I would have never ordered sight unseen ( I have a hard time ordering 5’ senko style worms) but after holding it in my hands I do think there is a place for some in my arsenal

Price & Shipping

Averaging anywhere between $3.25 and $7 these baits are well priced and easy to want more of. Shipping was also reasonable and for the Canadian shopper you will be glad to know they shipped USPS and it still arrived in about a week.. Just an FYI I placed an order with another more well know tackle company and wait on average 3-4 weeks for my shipment to arrive.

Recommended: Hell yes, give these guys a try you will not be disappointed

Check them out at...

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