Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Rant: Boaters Exam card replacement policy

Let me start off by saying that I support this program and have had my card since 2005, long before it was mandatory. But recently the now 6 year old card has become brittle and has now broken into two pieces.

I emailed the BoatersExam people to ask for a replacement card.. and guess what, they want $19.99 to replace my card. or $29.99 for 3 cards. Am I missing something here? does anyone know of any other companies that charge for replacement cards (other the the government)

There has been many a rumbling that the boater exam was strictly a cash grab, and they always responded that "oh no, this is a one time fee" but now to charge nearly $20 to replace a card. thats is a cach grab. That is above and beyond the replacement cost and shipping of these cards. I had no issues paying for my exam and card up front, and hell if I constantly lost or damaged cards i would have no issue being charged, but to damage one card in 6 years, and then be asked to pay $19 to replace it.. brutal

Customer service goes along way. I support the Boater Exam program, but they will not be getting $19 more out of me.. time to laminate and tape up this beast.

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