Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Venom.. A Bully Frog with no bite!

Anyone heard of Venom baits? I know I have as they are pretty common in my area. But this little company gets little play from many of the larger retailers. that being said they do bang out a fairly decent product.

The Bully Frog is the only frog in the Venom line up, and to this day its hard me to give it a thumbs up or a thumbs down. it has some perks and it has some downfalls.. wich out weighs wich, Im still undecided.


this bait fishes well, the body has a wide enough stance that it sits flat in the water and while the legs kick you dont have an issue of the bait spinning. The legs are similar to many on the market today and provide a slight buzz in the water but not a heavy churning. (this is my preferred wake).

The bully frog is made of a softer plastic and makes for easy hook placement. The belly slot holds the hook in place and you can easily hide the hook point in the frogs back. This frog casts well and can be fished weightless or with a weighted hook.(i prefer to fish my frogs weightless.)

5 frogs to a pack an under $5, thats always a good thing in my books, this frog comes in at about 0.94cents each. Venom has always been color heavy and Bully frog is no different with something like 12 color options


for all the perks listed above about the soft plastic used by Venom, it has some cons as well. this stuff rips easily, the nose can be damages in thicker cover or when fighting a fish (this is where cheaper prices come in handy).

the legs themselves give off good motion, but they are thin, and tear off easily. After a tuff retrieve or aggressive blow-up dont be surprised if your frog is an amputee . these are so thin I have had the legs ripped of by perch and blue gills.

Weapons of Choice: 

I fish this frog on a Dobyns 735c rod. It has the perfect length for throwing long distances and the backbone to pull you out of some nasty cover

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