Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Rant: Reaction Innovation Sex Sells, but not in fishing

I  have a bit of a rant about Reaction Innovation when it comes down to the marketing and packaging of their product. What kind of fishing company decides that the best way to package their product is to include cartoon drawings of busty scantily clad women? what is your target market, 14 year old boys? what angler that you know goes into a shop and says "hey this one has a naked lady on the pack lets buy it? 

I know, I know sex sells, I work in the Tattoo Industry, it is a predominant theme, but this just does not work. How about standing on the quality of your bait and not the packaging. (and yes I do realize that not all the packs have the image of the women on them). If you go to Reaction Innovations website (here) you will also notice they lead off the home page with the picture of a women next to the their logo.. is she the owner, or the girl I get on the line when I call in to place an order? if not why is she important to your brand? This just seems odd, and kind of dumb. what's the purpose? whats the value?

Tacky bait names are part of fishing,  fisherman love them, sure "sweet beaver" is a pretty funny product name, but do we really need the image of the women on the pack to reinforce the joke? I got it! I understood.

I dont want to make this rant sound like women's rights speech,  Im not worried about my wife or kids seeing the packs,  these are not the point of my rant. I think using images like this degrades the product, not the women, what you are telling me is that this product cant sell itself.. and since I use a few of RI's products, I know they can.

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